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Doc & Friends

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It’s OK to expect the best and get it!  Dr. Adolph Brown is highly regarded as the leadership speaker who gets you from where you are to where you want to be.  Doc excels in Keynotes, Seminar Training & Workshop PD.  He has also led and served on many levels and in different capacities, and continues to do so.  He’s doesn't rest on his past successes.  He builds on it!

  • “I can't recall the last time that my group was engaged in a training that was so complete, current and challenging.”

    Reba Boulden
  • “If laughing is the best medicine, then Dr. Adolph Brown is the cure!”

    Reginald Howard, M.D., Medical Director, Children's Hospital
  • “Dr. Adolph Brown is the industry's best kept secret!”

    Debbie Strom, Global Speaker's Agency
  • “Dr. Adolph Brown provided the intelligent yet entertaining breath of fresh air that we needed for our national conference. ”

    Carol Fey, Executive Meeting Planner
  • “You will laugh hysterically, think intensively, and cry intermittently while Doc fills your toolkit for success with mind-blowing content & evidence-based best practices. ”

    Arthur Leman, NYC Public Schools
  • “Dr. Adolph Brown hands the hero cape over to the audience. An amazing experience!”

    Cordia Steinbaugh, Burger King Corporation
  • “You owe to yourself to experience Dr. Adolph Brown.”

    Amos D. Brunson IV. Vice President, Bank of America
  • “Funny, Relatable & Smart.”

    Susan Hicks, Superintendent
  • “Doc makes you want to dance, laugh out loud, cry and cheer! ”

    Lindsay Wall, Dollar General
  • “Truly brilliant. Dr. Adolph Brown speaks to your intellect and to your heart.”

    Reg Weaver, President, National Education Association
  • “Hard-hitting, candid, life-changing, inspirational & unforgettable.”

    Jason Meyers, Student Activities Director
  • “Superb! There is massive power in this to inspire mankind.”

    Don Perlyn, Executive VP Nathan's Famous, Inc.
  • “There’s nothing like it. You will come away feeling like a better human being.”

    Cheryl Prescott, NYU
  • “A ONE-OF-A-KIND LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Eye-Opening & Heart-Warming! ”

    Janice Satterthwaite, TRIO Programs,Tidewater Community College (TCC)

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"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven"
– Matthew 5:16