Rider/ Criteria Request for Dr. Adolph Brown Event(s)

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Dr. Brown's rider is a set of experience-based requests as criteria for his program facilitations. Dr. Brown's rider includes very few if any hospitality, and includes several technical requirements.The rider also provides an opportunity to let potential contractors know if they can't accommodate any of his needs. This is a factor in determining if the engagement is declined or accepted.

The venue set up (whether a lecture hall of 30 participants, a ballroom of several hundred, or Doc's most frequent venue of a stadium of 20,000+) is also based on years of research like Doc's messages. The following items will add to the quality of the program when uncompromisingly applied:

  • Hand Held Cordless Microphone (due to interactive nature of presentations)
  • House Sound System with PC audio at the tech table in the back of the room.  
  • Plenty of Stage Room
  • Full House Lights
  • Ability to project a photo(s) and video from the internet or zip drive from a laptop provided by Dr. Brown onto a projection screen mid-presentation
  • Program agenda prior to the event date
  • Bottle of water during the presentation over 60 minutes (medically necessary - due to exertion during presentations) NO GATORADE or Sport's drinks.
  • A hotel list
  • Parking space close to the entrance of the venue (to unload production equipment)
  • 2 tables (6 feet each) and two chairs (dedicated for Doc's Team ONLY) to be set up DIRECTLY outside the speaking room so Dr. Brown may conduct book signings and CD, DVD, and poster sales (Please include in program materials and announce to the audience that product prices range from $3.00 to $50.00)
  • A raised sturdy stage or platform in order to have Dr. Brown visible to all attendees
  • Bar stool for use on the stage

Select and introduce Dr. Brown with any Introduction provided on our Intros page
Include a link to www.docspeaks.com on your website, brochure, or other advertising media to better market this special occasion.

A/V Examples

Based on the nature of Dr. Brown’s performance(s), it is highly recommended that the above referenced requests are fulfilled in order for Dr. Brown to effectively facilitate this event(s).

DocSpeaks Products Showcase Layout

DocSpeaks Products Showcase Layout


DocSpeaks Products Showcase LayoutDocSpeaks Products Showcase LayoutDocSpeaks Products Showcase Layout


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