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Dr. Adolph "Doc' Brown, III is known for CELEBRATING, APPRECIATING, & EDUCATING his audiences!  Experience the excitement as students and the adults who work with them transform before your very eyes as Dr. Adolph "Doc" Brown not only encourages academic success, but success in ALL facets of their lives from mental health to youth empowerment. 


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Doc Brown is not your typical youth motivational speaker.  In fact Doc Brown does not believe motivation is enough.  As a troubled youth, Doc Brown needed the discipline, impulse control, self-regulation, and good decision-making skills that he now imparts to youth as a world-renowned Clinical Psychologist, Parent & Mental Health Expert on the ABC primetime show The Parent Test, Mental Health Anti-Bullying  Top Youth Motivational School Speaker.  As a widely known mental health expert and considered the best at-risk youth speaker, Dr. Brown has spoken at over 1000 schools and has been interviewed on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, BET, and PBS.

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Dr. Adolph Brown III's The Most REQUESTED youth topic:"Know the difference between enjoying your youth and destroying your future."

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Without a doubt, mental health and youth motivational speaker, clinical psychologist, master teacher, and former at-risk student Dr. Adolph Brown offers the most unique, informing, relatable, inspiring, entertaining and fun yet challenging presentations THAT STICK for today's young people as well their teachers and advisors.  All generations K-12, GEAR UP, At-Risk, and college campus students alike have had their fair share of challenges and crises.  Today, kids are experiencing scary news on a regular basis coupled with the pressures of social media to "fit in."  Everything from shootings, cyber-attacks, school violence to terror attacks have become a harsh reality.  Although it may be tough, kids today can be taught to be tougher.  Dr. Brown takes young people on a growth-mindset journey to find the light in the midst of so much darkness.  Kids will learn that all is not perfect in the world but that they can make it better.





Dr. Adolph Brown became the best at-risk and leadership youth motivational speaker by overcoming "insurmountable" obstacles himself on his journey from an at-risk student of abject poverty to a doctor of clinical psychology and a married Christian father of eight uniquely wonderful children.  As a former at risk youth in the urban inner-city who spent his summers in rural Virginia on his grandparent's farm, Dr. Brown knows firsthand about the struggles of today's young.  He receives countless accolades and positive acknowledgements from his tremendous impact on student audiences and their entire school community from k-12/k-14 to higher education community college & university students. As a clinical and educational psychologist, former special education and alternative education teacher, he successfully addresses issues related to anti bullying, college & career readiness, empathy, adolescent & teen mental health, Black History Month, at risk students, character, standardized test anxiety, peer pressure, drug awareness, leadership, digital citizenship, fighting, healthy choices, dating, entrepreneurship, the importance of education, sportsmanship, and the SUCCESS Mindset.  Dr. Brown has also enjoyed his long-standing relationship with TRIO Programs, FCCLA, FBLA, and HOSA.  Doc Brown has also shared his expertise, life experiences, and his essential skills book "Championship Habits" with students of Junior Achievement (JA).

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Character, Choices & Consequences

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The Dream Team is comprised of today's best and most diverse interracial and multi-ethnic group of youth motivational teacher speakers.  THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERY ONE!  They began as group of friends who made the choice not to give up; now they are a family of encouraging individuals. They are collectively known as the Dream Team because they never allowed anything to stand between them and their dreams. Individually, team members have experienced the challenges associated with bullying, family problems, language barriers, English as a Second Language, being black & brown boys, alienation, the effects of family alcohol and drug abuse, fighting, racism and self-esteem.  Through their stories of trials and triumphs of overcoming being a “Newcomer to Overcomer,” "Be A Buddy, Not A Bully," "At-Risk to At-Promise, "Be Better, Not Bitter," “Hugs Not Drugs,” “BE-YOU-TIFUL” and “It's Not How You Start..” the Dream Team connects with all through powerful messages, uplifting music and lots of motivation.  Are you concerned about students missing valuable class time?  Please consider bringing SUPER SATURDAYS to your school.

Remote video URL To date, as a school speaker and Title I trainer Dr. Brown has positively impacted as many as 26,000 students at once to intimate focus groups of 12 students.  His most memorable positive impact as a top at-risk youth speaker and mental health school speaker has been students denouncing their gang affiliations and giving Dr. Brown their gang paraphernalia. Once in a Virginia school, a student gave Dr. Brown a loaded handgun after the presentation.  Dr. Brown follows up with this former student to this very day.


The Solution ™

More Direction, Less “Discipline” for black male youth!

“The Solution!” Changes the educational, mental health, and career trajectories of black male youth!

The Solution! ™


(Qualifies under Title I, Part A Parent , Teacher, & Student Engagement in Closing The Achievement - Agenda, Proposed Academic Outcomes, SMART Goals & Strategies specific to your school will be provided)

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🎯A Note For Administrators: It’s recommended that you get input from your teachers and staff regarding essential topics to have Doc Brown discuss with your young people. 

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"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24