Piggyback or Pop-Up & Save

Book Doc Brown While He's Nearby & SAVE $$

Piggyback or Pop-Up Event Request

Below is a list of consultations that will allow "Piggyback or Pop-Up Opportunities."

If you see a current tour for which you would like to be included, or would like a Pop-Up Tour to come to your area, please submit a Piggyback or Pop-Up request form so we can discuss the details and the savings!  

A Piggyback date is when Doc Brown will already be in your area and he can squeeze you in while already there.

 A Pop-Up Tour is when you request Doc Brown and you include consecutive dates and/or times for other nearby agencies to book Doc Brown while he is nearby.


This is NOT an exhaustive list of Dr. Adolph Brown's Tour Schedule.  THIS ONLY REPRESENTS PIGGYBACK or POP UP OPPORTUNITIES.  Please email or call to SAVE BIG on travel expenses for  Dr. Adolph "Doc" Brown's calendar tours that will allow "Piggyback and Pop-Up Opportunities."

Current 2024-2025 Tours include:  

Head Start Program Quality and Workforce Support Keynote, Training, & Workshops

Help For The Helpers! Tour "Ensuring Mentally & Emotionally Healthy Healthcare Workers!" 

Doc Brown Anti-Bullying Student Presentations and Assemblies

The “Inspire or Retire” Collective Teacher Efficacy Tour 



  • August 2024 Opening Day PIGGYBACK Opportunities In Your Area!
  • The Head Start Difference! Tour
  • Help For The Helpers! Ensuring Mentally & Emotionally Healthy Healthcare Workers Tour
  • Doc Brown Anti-Bullying Student Tour
  • The “Inspire or Retire” Collective Teacher Efficacy Tour
"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24