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I just wanted to reach out and say Thank You. I heard you speak this morning on the Laurie Daniels Favors SXM talk show and you were best I have heard as it relates to talking about DEI work. I listened to two of your youtube videos as well and became more impressed. I have been doing this work for 30 years and you are the first person I feel who is on target with how we can best support helping people understand how to lean in to the conversations we need to have. And this means speak the truth. Thank you for being so refreshing!! John-Peter Wilhite Ragland & Wilhite Consultants
Thank you very much for your outstanding message. I could relate to everything that he said! I was one of those students who needed to be lifted by the wheelbarrow!!!
You did an amazing job at our MPE Symposium 2021! I have been teaching 17 years and love every minute of it! This year has been hard, but being back in my classroom with my students made a world of difference. I will be posting “Faith it until you make it!” around my school. We (teachers) need to know that “even if... things will be okay!” Thank you for making me more aware of my own backpack and realizing that it was way past time to unpack it. Keep doing you and spreading your message!
Dr. Brown your message is what we needed today. It was intertwined with your background, experiences, research and best practices into a powerful message of love and empathy that surpassed motivation. Your presence at our conference brought real life transformation. -Cameron Willis
Thank you Dr. Brown providing a message that breaks boundaries and challenges bias social norms. You inspired our team to tap into their inner potential to create the change we want to see. -Dean Shepard
Dr. Adolph Brown has a unique way of making the conversation of diversity, equity and inclusion easier and digestible. He skillfully helps people shift from “talking about “DEI” to actually mobilizing in their efforts toward understanding and connecting. He has an uncanny ability to reach, impact and create breakthroughs. We are thankful that Dr. Brown created a safe space for our difficult conversations and encouraged empathy. David Sneade
There is only one way to make Adolph even better. Share him with the world! Lindsey Sykes, Teacher's College
Thank you for inspiring us toward action in a memorable way. Sean Liberman, CVS Health
This man is so motivating, intelligent and funny.
Dr. Adolph Brown, provides powerful tools to change lives and inspires people to take action through his upbeat energy and motivational teachings. ❤️
I knew Adolph as a child as a good friend of his brother Oscar, and I'm quite proud of the man Adolph has become. He has had numerous opportunities to live in bigger cities but decided to come back to his community. He lives quite close to to our old community and gives back when the opportunities present. We are proud that Adolph is homegrown and hope others see the engaged, smart, well-read, thoughtful and tough man we know and respect. Kenny D.
Brilliantly Hilarious!
Doc, thank you for your inspiration today! Your presentation in Indian Prairie School District 204 was nothing short of outstanding!
Best speaker I have seen ever! Part of his class at the National Athletic Director’s Conference!! He’s right coaches matter he’s a testimonial to that! Loved the two backpack theory! As a coach I teach my kids to leave their baggage in the suitcase at the door and come into the gym free to work hard and have fun!!
EPIC!!! Christopher Cannon
Thank you for moving us forward! -Bryan Rosen, Walgreens
You were in Corpus Christ Texas August 2019 speaking for CCISD. Thank you. I do my best to take from whomever is speaking. You were a God sent. I signed the contract but wasn’t sure I would be back another year. Kids got on my nerve. You made me realize how much of an impact I can make in a child’s life. . I’ll look in the mirror every morning. Every child deserves a kind word.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your inspirational talk! I was in attendance when you addressed the Columbus City Schools staff! It was incredible. We must all work to unpack the backpack so that we can give the absolute BEST to our students! I loved what you said about the wheelbarrow. We must include everybody all the time! If we can be consistent in grasping the concept of "human kind:" and in that being always kind to all of our students and everybody else what an incredible school year we will have!
Thanks again!
Daniel Lyons-Speech Language Pathologist
Doc Brown your soul is magical and contagious. I will work on emptying my own back pack and be a balcony kind of person. Thank you! #GPISD
I’ve met few people to get it totally right. Dr. Brown did it right! - Karen Hocolm
"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24