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Doc is the tock to the tic to the tic tock of a clock
Really good show! Profound, transforming, & mind blowing!
February 18th, 2018 - Just heard you speak at a teacher professional development training at Illinois State University. The things you had to say about placing EVERY student in your wheelbarrow was spot on for what educators need to hear today! I love your message about not just putting in the easy ones, the gifted ones, the athletes, etc. into our wheelbarrows. As a special education teacher I have seen too many kids left out of the wheelbarrow and it breaks my heart. Thanks for the 4 F's of teaching - I have been reflecting on them all weekend and can't wait to implement some changes. I am also grateful for the reminder that reflective teaching is effective teaching! I am glad you followed where you felt driven to go in your professional life. As you spoke about your life, I was reminded of the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. The last line of the poem reads, "I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference". You didn't have to take the road your teachers, mother and grandparents, tried to lay out for you, but to your credit you did - and you just kept taking the road less traveled, until you are where you are today. I believe because you took the road less traveled you have opened up roads for many others. God Bless!
Connie Matthews
Special Education Resource teacher
Deer-Creek Mackinaw Jr. High School
I am a school administrator in Texas and I heard you at an Opening Day with our faculty and staff; you were invited back for PL with selected programs and I also heard you with our students and parents. You are a gift. We can not decide which facilitation was the best. You hit it out of the park in all. Many of the teachers think your parent universities were grand slams. Thank you for doin what you do the way you do it - authentically and relatable. My husband is the COO of a Large Texas based corporation. Please consider working with them. They will be calling on Monday. Thanks again for using your God given gifts to inspire positive change with all.
I had the pleasure to hear Dr. Brown at WATC, in Wichita, KS this past Friday for a conference. Thank you, Doc, for inspiring me as an educator to reach ALL students! Your presentation was spot on and what I needed to get me through the rest of the semester! Inspiring words and touched my heart! Bless you!

Jacee Tice, NCK Tech, Beloit, KS
You were the most engaging, motivating and humorous teacher speaker I've ever seen or heard. Everyone wants you back next year. #MAESP18 Jessica
All I can say is WOW! I only gave you 4 stars because I wanted you to speak longer. Charles Bishop
Hi Dr. Brown. My name John Richardson and my education professors would often quote you or use you as an example of a "Master Teacher." I finally had an opportunity to see you for myself in Texas last week. I saw and heard a great teacher. I paid close attention to how you observed everything and everyone. I also noticed how you engaged all, but purposefully engaged those who looked a bit marginalized. You also had a way of illustrating your content in various ways conducive for all learning styles. You are without a doubt an influential and highly effective master teacher. I was blessed to see and hear you in action.
I am still awe-struck by Dr. Brown's keynote presentation in California on Jan. 11, 2018. Dr. Brown is the total package. His knowledge, charm, magnetism, and charisma are hard to come by; it’s that rare personal quality that gives him influence over large numbers of people and a presence that instantly illuminates a room. Jill Decker
My name is Michael Mellberg in the AV Department at Tan-Tara-A Resort and this is the first testimonial I have ever been inspired to write in my over 13 years of hearing talks from top speakers around the world. Dr. Adolph Brown is the "REAL DEAL!" This was the BEST speech I have ever heard and felt. I cried, I laughed, I was inspired, I was challenged. UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! He is a gift from God to us all. My jaws are still hurting from smiling and laughing.
I loved Dr. Brown's Real Talk. This was the most practical content I have received in many years. I've often read social media quotes from him and I looked forward to meeting him personally. I've seen information presented quite like he does. He's fun, engaging, dynamic, charismatic, and authentic. He is the Real Deal. -Lawrence Faber
Our corporation tried for many years to schedule Dr. Brown, but every time we tried he was already booked during our convention. We didn't give up and we are glad we didn't. He hit a homerun with our people. We have gotten on his calendar much earlier and have had him back multiple years now. He always delivers something different and unique. At this point, we are afraid to invite anyone else. We love Dr. Brown. Some of our group held signs that read "Dr. Adolph Brown #2020!" We can't say enough good about him. He's funny, smart and dynamic. Privately he is hilarious. Thanks for working with us to better ourselves and our service delivery. -Bryce Phillips Burger King Corporation
Adolph provided an intelligent yet entertaining breath of fresh air that we needed for our national conference. His talk changed the way we do things. Carol Fey
Dr. Brown was by far the most value-added presenter we have ever had for our young future business leaders to date. More than being a successful business leader himself, he is an educator and a father. He did not sugar-coat life's lessons for our youth, but he was compassionate in his delivery. His message was a highlight among our youth, teachers, and parent chaperones. The event staff also commented on how he was the best that has ever been to their venue. I thank Dr. Brown for caring enough to share the realities of success in school and in life. Molly Davies
Just wanted to share how much we loved Dr. Brown's "impromptu speaking" for our youth. He allowed the audience of over 500 students to submit questions via his twitter feed and he answered as many as he could. This was a wonderful example of professional speaking with the incorporation of technology. Our future business leaders have not stopped talking about his positive impact. It is quite obvious that Dr. Brown is both an accomplished teacher and parent. The teachers also enjoyed submitting questions as well. Thank you for making a positive difference wherever you are. Jan Litman
I was fortunate to see you present at the National Equity Conference and I you are the best speaker I’ve ever heard in my 38 years of attending seminars. Your session was smart, funny, high energy, completely original, motivational and thought provoking. Many are already talking about how to get you back next year. Thank you for the blessings and the lessons. Faye Wilder
WOW, I cannot express enough how grateful I am for having the opportunity to hear you speak yesterday at the Know Your Impact conference in Mabank Texas! Your “real talk” was EXACTLY what I needed to hear as we have the dreaded wait on STAAR scores after an EXTREMELY challenging school year!

I have always known that our “hard to teach” students need us more than the other students and I always work hard to build rapport in order to make an impact; but I have to say, you definitely lit a fire in me to “partner” WAY more with my students and become the BEST “balcony teacher” I can be for these babies! No more “basement” days when the going gets tough because someone’s second backpack is getting in the way! I will forever remember to dig deep in myself to see the “tree in the seed” EVERYDAY for EVERY student!

I truly believe that your keynote address was the absolute BEST address I have ever heard in my 25 years of teaching and my wish is that EVERY educator has the privilege/opportunity to hear you speak so we can have a world full of educators teaching with love, light and insight!

Thank you for being such a unique, breath of fresh air & motivation!

Regina O’Malley
Aspiring Balcony Teacher
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven"
– Matthew 5:16