Parenting Education Intro

Welcome Parents!

As many of you are aware, our students have had the opportunity to hear a very gifted and very real man who happens to be a master teacher and an ethusiastic communicator.  Thank you for coming out as you represent the best of "Parent Involvement!"

Dr. Adolph Brown's accomplishments are too many to tell.  But this is what he wants you to know. First, he is a good husband, a fun but firm dad, a crazy educator and loves ALL faiths, but is in love with his own. He understands and shares in the daily battles of prioritizing time and energy to meet the demands of all those roles. He understands that sometimes life isn't fair and injustice is real. Due to a selfless mother who worked many jobs, she instilled in him the belief that he could overcome unfair circumstances and live life with purpose. With hard work, a solid faith and positive attitude, a loving community of people, he overcame an upbringing of extreme poverty and violence, welfare, no dad present in the home, being the first in his family of 5 to graduate from high school, and a single-mother led household while growing up in the projects with the name "Adolph." That was his beginning...but that isn't the end of the story.

Tonight he will speak to you from a heart that has been tested, tried and proved. His words will inspire and encourage you on your journey as a parent while giving you additional tools to help your children. To date, he is extremely proud of being in a position to give back to his community by having opened a family-run 24-Hours Wellness & Fitness Center just two blocks from the projects in which he was raised. Although Dr. Brown is an internationally recognized speaker and author on children, teens, parenting, bullying and character, he does not consider himself a "Role Model." He proudly refers to himself as a "Real Model!" Even as a national media contributor, award-winning author, national spokesperson and credentialed educational and corporate consultant, he does not consider himself an expert. He says its all about "Progress, Not Perfection!" He is most proud of being a God-pleasing husband & father and friend to many. He also quite often gives talks to today's youth on yesterday's life lessons. He has a "head" for adults and a "heart" for kids as he facilitates over 100 youth focus groups a year. Of utmost importance to Doc and his entire staff is the establishment of a million dollars scholarship endowment for hardworking young people, whereby Doc contributes 1/3 of all consultation fees to its development.  

Through his books, posters, DVD's & CD's (available following the presentation) audiences and individuals continue to love his powerful message delivered in a singular, unorthodox yet down-to-earth style.

Thank you for being here. Your presence is greatly appreciated.

Now Ladies and Gentlemen fasten your seat belts, strap on your thinking caps, and prepare to "Learn More & Laugh Louder!"....................Here comes Dr. Adolph Brown, III!

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"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24