The 2024 Balcony Challenge

The first question for the 2024 Balcony Challenge is to assess whether or not you are a Basement Person or a Balcony Person:

“Are You a Balcony Person or a Basement Person?”The 2024 Balcony Challenge

In simpler terms... do you uplift or bring others down? What kind of impact do you have on the lives of those around you?

During my upbringing, my family instilled in me a desire to help others and make a positive difference in the world. They didn't give me a grand plan, but instead showed me through their actions how to genuinely and simply assist others in everyday life (as well as through grand acts of generosity). They were true Balcony People or as I often refer to as Elevator People, and I strive to be like them because of the impact they had on me and others.

An Elevator Person lifts others to higher places, where they can thrive, live authentically, pursue their passions, and become better individuals. Elevator People encourage, assist, give, serve, show consideration, enthusiasm, and joy. They are quick to forgive, good listeners, diligent, and compassionate. They enhance people's lives and help them become the best versions of themselves.

On the other hand, Basement People bring others down through discouragement, temptation, selfish behavior, criticism, prejudice, impatience, and cruelty. They hold grudges, betray, act lazily, fail to follow through, prioritize their own glory and benefit over others, talk excessively (or not at all), and take out their frustrations on others. They don't share; they hoard. They don't care; they are too consumed with their own lives. They make people's lives more challenging and do not invest in others. They don't contribute to making the world a better place; they only focus on their own world.

No one wants to be known as a Basement Person. We all want to have a positive influence on others and be remembered for our contributions to the world. However, we have all had moments of Basement behavior. At times, we have all been sinful, selfish, judgmental, unhelpful, angry, and divisive. I know I have. Each of us has room to grow and become someone who uplifts others.

To become Balcony Elevator People, we must realize two things:

1. To lift others up, we must first be in a higher place ourselves. Prioritizing our own personal growth is essential. Bringing others along with us comes next. We cannot guide others to a place we have never been.

2. To lift others up, we must understand what "up" means. Everyone desires to make the world a better place, but the definition varies from person to person. We should not strive for a utopian world with unrestricted freedom for all. In my belief, for humans to truly flourish in the long run, we must seek freedom within safe boundaries. People cannot do whatever they please because sometimes what pleases one person harms another.

By embracing these principles and incorporating them into our lives, we can become Balcony Elevator People who uplift others and make a positive impact on the world. It is a continuous journey of personal growth and striving to bring out the best in others.

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"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24