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Dr. Adolph "Doc" Brown is a highly regarded human and organization behavior authority,  Without a doubt, top corporate wellness, human resources professionals, and entrepreneur business motivational keynote speaker Dr. Adolph Brown offers the most unique, value-added, entertaining, engaging and fun yet challenging presentations most have ever seen.  Adolph's credits his business acumen to the luxury of his humble beginnings.  Born in the heart of the urban inner-city projects (after parental divorce) while spending summers in rural Virginia with his farming grandparents, he learned the value of hard work and commitment.  With a can-do attitude and a "why not me" aptitude, he literally worked his way up from  the city projects to senior projects manager.  From his single parent mother and being the first in his family of five to graduate high school, Adolph knows firsthand the power of determination.  Nowadays, as an American investor, educator, author, research-scientist, clinical psychologist, businessman and one of the top corporate wellness keynote leadership and mental health speakers, Dr. Adolph Brown has informed, inspired and entertained millions with the power of his mission of “Bringing People Together to Learn, Laugh & Lead.” Most entrepreneurs appreciate his candid talks on being a low-profile investor commonly titled "Focus on Family and Fortune, Not Fame: The Joy of Being Nobody." He travels the globe many times over with his corporate entertainment and powerful program philosophies of building bridges and promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity.  Dr. Brown's message is a simple one: Spread Love, Light and Insight or Nothing At ALL. From the oval office, lecture hall, boardroom, community forums to his family room, Dr. Brown teaches the “Championship Habits” for workplace, family and personal success. From a Responsive Customer Service Keynote Speaker, One of the Top Mental Health Keynote Speakers, The Better Attitude Development Funny Human Resources (HR) Keynote Speaker to an Authentic Servant Leadership Keynote, Speaker, Dr. Brown has successfully informed and inspired both small business and corporate Fortune 500 Companies.  Dr. Brown has also enjoyed an on-going relationship with programs of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Human Resources (HR) Managers and Professionals, the U.S. Armed Forces Military Forces (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); U.S. Department of Education Title I One Program & Titles 1, II, III, IV, & VII; The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is among Dr. Brown’s favorites.

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"Dr. Adolph Brown's unique approach has motivated and inspired our teams.  You delivered the perfect balance of research, trends, best practices and humor.  Thank you for accepting our invitation." - Don Perlyn, Executive VP Nathan's Famous 


Commonly Known as a "Semester in an Hour" & “A Party with a Purpose” (depending on the occasion) includes all of Dr. Adolph "Doc" Brown's informing & inspiring Master Classes.  EVERY Keynote, Virtual, Master Class, Breakout, Workshop, Seminar, On-site Consultation & Training Session is full of tons of learning, laughter, & practical takeaways! 

Course Pre-requisites:  Two senses are required for The Doc Brown Experience.  They are common sense and a sense of humor!

Just One Visit from Doc Brown & You’ll Want Him Back Again & Again!

(ALSO Available in virtual and pre-recorded master classes, half-day seminars & full-day workshops)




  • Employee Wellness Day with Doc Brown
  • Lead By Example
  • The Essence of “Human Leadership”
  • Putting Down What You Are Carrying...& Preparing For The Tasks At Hand!
  • Attitude Changes Everything!
  • Revealing Your Inner Super Hero
  • To Serve Well, You Must Live Well™ Self-Care For Professionals
  • Finding Your "WHY?"
  • Responsive Customer Service - A Supercharged Experience!
  • Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover! Creating Safe Spaces & Promoting Psychological Safety for ALL!
  • Closing the Empathy Gap™ From Dr. Brown's Groundbreaking Research
  • "What Might I Be Wrong About?"™ Understanding Human Perception
  • Virtual Group Hug! Connecting Our Hearts In Trying Times.
  • Reflective Leaders are Effective Leaders (Supervisors, Managers and/or Directors)
  • What Happened To The Employee We Hired?
  • How To Use “The SUCCESS Mindset” To Get Results
  • Attitude is Almost Everything...Inspiring Your Organization!
  • Signs You Might Be A Leader
  • Championship Habits: Winning In the Workplace! ™
  • Because of You…
"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24