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Customize Your Consultation, Because "one-size-does-NOT ALWAYS -fit-all" in professional learning and development.  In an effort to tailor your presentation to the unique climate of your corporation, school, students, staff, faculty, community faith and business leaders, please consider the following action steps:

  1. Engage all participants involved in the interaction of human relationships, physical setting and psychological atmosphere of the work environment for feedback.

  2. Ask participants via affirmative inquiry about solution-focused topics that they would like to have addressed as a result of being valuable members in the establishment and maintenance of a healthy climate.

  3. Compile suggestions from all work environment stakeholders of their critical insights and perceptions of the work environment to create a list of topical areas to be addressed by Dr. Brown.

  4. Email your unique list of work environment concerns to be included in your presentation to

  5. Consider developing a follow-up plan to sustain the positive efforts of your event by using the conceptualization of the topics and corresponding solutions provided by Dr. Brown. 

Customize Your Consultation

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