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Today we are glad to be joined by Dr. Adolph Brown, who started out as a poor child with a single-parent mom, an older brother named Oscar who was murdered when Adolph was only 11 yearsold, and who wasthe first in his family of five to graduate high school.

Nowadays Dr.Adolph Brown is a master teacher, university professor and dean, a clinical and educational psychologist, and the joyfully married father of 8 really cool kids.As a result of his love for you, Dr. Adolph Brown hascreated The Student Success & ONE LOVE Tour made up of the best and most diverse group of youth motivational teacher speakers around.They beganas group of friends who made the choice not to give up;

now they are a family of encouraging individuals.Theyare collectively known as Dr. Adolph Brown and"the Dream Team" because they never allowed anything to stand between them and their dreams. Individually, team members have experienced the challenges associated withbullying, family problems, language barriers,Englishas aSecond Language, being black &brown,alienation, the effects of family alcohol and drug abuse, fighting, racismand self-esteemissues.

Through evidence-based research, best practices and their stories of trials and triumphs they explore issues of character, choices and consequences. Dr. Adolph Brown and the DreamTeam are excited to present a variety of topics with you today!-“Newcomer to Overcomer,” "Hecho En Mexico,""Be A Buddy, Not A Bully," "At-Risk to At-Promise, "BeBetter, Not Bitter,"“Hugs Not Drugs,” “BE-YOU-TIFUL,” “I’mBetter Than That!” and “It's Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish!”

GET READY to have fun while learning as Dr. Adolph Brown and the Dream Teamconnects with ALL through powerful life-changing messages,uplifting music and tonsof inspiration and motivation.

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"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24