What Makes Doc Brown Delightfully Different?

Servant Leader * Teacher Educator * Master Teacher * Clinical Psychologist * Television Host

Over one million have been positively impacted by Doc Brown...  Are You Ready?

"Knowing that Doc Brown is one of the best in the business, it's hard to imagine that he wasn't always this way and that he is actually a classic introvert and was withdrawn in his youth.  Even with overcoming his tumultuous upbringing, and accomplishing all the things he challenged himself to do, Doc Brown did not let it go to his head. He has paid it forward, backwards, and every direction one can go in.  Doc Brown is an all-around nice guy and was considered the most uplifting person on the university campus."

- Dr. Candice Gordon, M.D. HU Class of 2008

🌟 Delightfully Different: Meet Dr. Adolph Brown! 🌟


Hey friends! 👋 Let me introduce you to someone who truly embodies the meaning of being delightfully different - the incredible Dr. Adolph Brown! 🎉


🌈 What sets Dr. Brown apart? 🌈


1️⃣ Infectious Energy: Dr. Brown's enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! Whether he's speaking at conferences or engaging with students, his positive energy lights up the room and leaves everyone feeling inspired and motivated. ✨


2️⃣ Authenticity at its Finest: Dr. Brown is as real as it gets! He doesn't shy away from sharing his own life experiences, both the highs and the lows. His authenticity creates a genuine connection with his audience, making his messages even more impactful. 🙌


3️⃣ Unparalleled Expertise: With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and over 30 years of experience, Dr. Brown is a true expert in his field. His knowledge and insights are invaluable, and he effortlessly translates complex concepts into relatable and practical advice. 🧠


4️⃣ Humor that Heals: Laughter truly is the best medicine, and Dr. Brown knows it! His unique blend of humor and wit not only keeps us entertained but also helps us navigate through life's challenges with a smile on our faces. 😄


5️⃣ Champion of Safe Spaces: Dr. Brown is a passionate advocate for safe spaces and psychological safety. He celebrates our differences and encourages us to embrace our individuality, fostering a sense of unity and acceptance wherever he goes. 🌍


Let's give a big round of applause to Dr. Adolph Brown for being delightfully different and making a positive impact on countless lives! 🎉👏


If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing Dr. Brown's magic yet, I highly recommend checking out his talks, books, and videos. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! 📚💡


Feel free to share your own experiences or thoughts about Dr. Brown in the comments section of this website. Let's spread the love and celebrate this incredible human being! ❤️✨


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Dr. Adolph "Doc" Brown shocks millions globally by exposing truths about how to achieve monumental success despite where you are from, labels placed on you, and self-defeating attitudes. He is an accomplished master teacher, CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, mental health & parenting expert, author and humorist in high demand to give keynote commentaries on everyday Education & Business Workplace issues. Through his award winning seminars, power-packed training sessions, best-selling books, and 1:1 peak performance coaching sessions, Doc Brown has made success a reality for thousands worldwide! Doc Brown's consultation fees are all-inclusive of all travel expenses for Doc Brown and his production team. However, of utmost importance to Doc and his entire staff is the establishment of a million dollars scholarship endowment for hardworking young people, whereby Doc Brown contributes 1/3 of all consultation fees to its development.

Dr. Adolph "Doc" Brown aka "The World's Greatest Edu-tainer" (the name given to him by friend & colleague Doug E. Fresh - "The World's Greatest Entertainer,") is an internationally renowned master educator, character education leader, servant leadership consultant, educational & clinical psychologist, author, researcher, entrepreneur, and an influential thinker/practitioner in the fields of education, human behavior, and neuroscience. He was once considered the youngest tenured full professor in our nation even after being the first in his family of 5 to graduate from high school. He writes and teaches from a unique perspective of an experienced passionate & award-winning educator, an innovative & effective business leader, an engaging consultant, and is devoted to positive human development. Adolph loves to receive invitations to speak. He is not your typical “motivational speaker” or self-proclaimed “guru.” He educates and amuses with a little "show and tell" and timeless principles as a top  k12 education keynote speaker, corporate servant leadership speaker, youth motivational speaker, educational motivational speaker, fatherhood and higher education college & university campus speaker. Adolph customizes each speech or training for the audience with lots of audience participation, profound challenges, multiple takeaways, and BIG FUN!

“He’s not just hilarious, he’s hilarious with great content!” - Charlotte Cobb, Meeting Planner

Possessing limitless energy and vitality, Dr. Adolph "Doc" Brown aka “Doc Attitude,” overcame an urban upbringing of extreme poverty and violence, welfare, fatherlessness, first generation high school and college graduate, and a single-mother led household.  His summers were spent in rural Virginia with his grandfather.  His credits the luxury of his humble beginnings to contributing to him becoming a popular media personality, a noted author, award-winning educator, trained anthropologist and psychologist, columnist, business consultant & coach, sought after motivational speaker, husband, and father of eight. Doc Brown is noted for such books as Championship Habits, REAL TALK, Two Backpacks, Messages From Granddad, and co-author of a children's book titled It's Gonna Be A Great Day! Doc's Story. His background as a CEO, Project Manager, Television Talk Show Host of The Parent Test, and Founder of The Business & Education Leadership Authority and The Leadership & Learning Institute (www.BizEdAuthority.com) brings a wealth of information turned into practical steps for empowered leadership and healthy living.



“A winner in life is one who can build a skyscraper with the bricks that others throw at him or her.” – Dr. Adolph Brown, III

Adolph brings a dynamic and fun, yet profoundly challenging approach to each of his customized presentations as a corporate keynoter, k-12 education & teacher speaker & trainer, and as one of the most unique of University & Community College speakers. You will be informed, inspired and energized with Adolph’s creative learning style. He is considered one of the most influential teachers and respected voices of our time in the field of “people,” specializing in relationships, achievement motivation, and performance/productivity enhancement. Adolph knows that ‘IT’ is all about relationships. Whether he is speaking about Real Life Leadership, the fact that Positive Interactions Build Vital Relationships, Responsive Customer Service, or the Hope of Our Youth, Adolph knows it starts with a relationship.




Adolph’s unique gifts and understanding of human needs have enabled him to reach audiences with life-altering messages. Known for his best practice expertise, humor, down-to-earth speaking style, relatability and wisdom, he is a keynote speaker held in high regard. Adolph has been described as a dynamic professional with a high-energy upbeat style and high data-driven content intensive delivery. Passion, humor, profound challenges, multiple takeaways and audience involvement are key to Adolph’s presentations.

Widely considered the most engaging presenter in our nation, Adolph is the most credentialed motivational speaker around! Doc Brown is a Master Teacher, having received international recognition, awards, honors, and distinction in the areas of educational excellence and real-world leadership. He consistently delivers high-quality instruction identifiable by objective audience observers, and makes a significant impact on participant learning gains.  His university students connected so much to his authenticity or "Real Talk,"  that Dr. Brown became known as the "Real Deal."

“One does not become an accomplished mariner by sailing smooth seas.”
– Doc Brown




But most importantly, Adolph is a God-pleasing man who is real and full of heart. He speaks on subjects and conducts research close to home and is open and courageous about the valleys in his own life and how he has turned his tragedies into triumphs. He has a genuine love for people and a passion for a making a positive difference in the lives of others. He transforms lives daily. Adolph is not interested in touching lives for an hour or two in a presentation but in helping individuals and groups walk away with a lifetime of positive change.

Using his over 3 decades of experience as a tenured educator, academic administrator, servant leader business owner, educational & clinical psychologist, professional speaker and trainer, he will educate, inspire, and entertain you with his humorous style and wealth of information.  Dr. Adolph Brown is known as the “light worker” of our day. He describes his life before becoming a clinical psychologist, university professor and research-scientist as one of humiliating racism, prejudice and discrimination. Through his struggles to come to terms with his own personal experiences, Dr. Brown delivers the most relevant, real and respected messages of human dignity, empathy, and respect for all.  Dr. Brown’s commitment originated in the inequities in education but he has expanded it to include businesses and industries. 



The impact of Doc Brown's motivational style, "laugh out loud" fun humor, practical evidence based content, personal stories, profound challenges, and unconventional approach stays with his audience long after his performance. You will remember Doc Brown's message!

"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24