Dr. Adolph Brown’s Master Classes

Schedule a Master Class on Your Time with Master Teacher Dr. Adolph Brown in the beautiful resort city of Virginia Beach, VA.

As a leading business executive, tenured Full Professor and clinical and educational psychologist, Dr. Brown was found to demonstrate excellence in leadership, scholarship, research and service learning. His profound impact was noted on faculty members across disciplines and on students' lives inside the classroom and beyond.  As a master teacher, Dr. Brown represents knowledge and use of effective and engaging pedagogy, advocacy for teaching and learning, a passion for student achievement and a collective sense of faculty efficacy.  His sustained commitment to teaching excellence led to the creation of Master Classes.

Taking a Master Class with Dr. Adolph Brown will allow you the tutelage of a highly peer-reviewed and top-rated educator, trainer and servant-leader speaker from America's best colleges and universities. He is in the top 1% of world-class scholar teachers based on teaching performance, teaching & education awards, published evaluations, mentoring faculty colleagues and students, curricular development, presentations, newspaper write-ups, community based learning initiatives and other sources. He is attributed the highest level of competence in professional development and education. Dr. Brown earned the title of the most senior academic at a university where he taught others to believe that all students can learn and become committed to the success of their students.




Nowadays, as a highly inspirational, accomplished and recognized scholar, research-scientist and businessman, Dr. Brown uses his deep understanding of how people learn and develop to help others create positive learning environments for ALL, regardless of current skills or ability levels.  When you observe Dr. Brown, it becomes evident that his role is equal parts nurturer, encourager, and exhorter.  Affectionately known to many as "The US Secretary of Inspiration" and "The Teacher Speaker," Dr. Brown has affectionately responded by creating Master Classes designed to help others increase performance in business, life and school, and achieve peak motivational power along the way.  Although Dr. Brown is a credentialed Master Teacher, he is most proud of being a Master Learner.  


MASTER CLASSES: (All courses cover elements of self-care, growth mindset, diversity and inclusion, educational equity, unconscious implicit bias, social-emotional learning SEL, stereotype threat, positive psychology, trauma-informed learning & teaching, personal reflection & performance enhancement, classroom management & mindset adjustment)

Teaching & Learning Excellence

New Teacher FUN-damentals

Collective Teacher Efficacy Institute 

Speaking Excellence

Doc’s Speaking Academy

Performance Excellence

Positive Psychology with the Attitude Coach™

Bridge-Building Excellence

Uncovering Implicit Bias

Personal Development

Mental Health Awareness & Self-Care



"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24