• There are numerous business and sales books describing the farmer approach versus the hunter approach.  Basically, the farmer approach believes in growing existing contacts and customers, whereas the hunter approach believes in chasing new ideas and prospects.

  • In January, I accepted a position at a prestigious, high-end consulting firm. With this new swanky gig, I felt like I would finally rank up with my Ivy League alumni peers! I went to Penn, and all the Penn grads had cool consulting jobs like this.

  • Dads and kiddos don’t always see eye to eye, and my kids and I are no exception.  Although we share the same last name and a stubborn strength in our own conv

  • I’m often referred to as a motivational speaker, and my office uses the terms for Google searches.  However I am a master teacher, research-scientist, author and clinical & educational psychologist who has intensely studied human behavior to know that motivation in and of itself is not enough.  I love a great inspirational talk, movie, or bo

  • As I read posts this week surrounding violence in our world, I recall many saying we needed more than the usual "thoughts and prayers."  At first read it almost sounds like one may be beckoning our legislators to do more, or more disheartening for me would be one diminishing the power of prayer.

  • Spread love, light & insight or nothing at all.

"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24