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Praise for Doc Brown

Have you had “The Doc Brown Experience” through one of Doc Brown's keynotes, master classes, or seminars? Share your experience with those who have yet to feel the power of this awe-inspiring, totally life-changing event!

Tell Doc Brown what you think by leaving reviews below.

I was blessed to see the Doc in action at a teacher learning conference. I especially liked how he introduced himself to the crowd. Very telling. Would love to hear him speak again.
Thank you! It was awe-inspiring! Dr. Brown is a gifted man of God. I will never forget him, his wisdom, or his message.
Thank so much from Greenville Alabama. I'm a CNP worker at WOP Elementary school he ask what did I do for the Butler co. School system and when I told him a lunchroom worker he said thx you. That really made my day. Thx you for all you do. Help people some see themselves and love who they are.
You are the best, I was so impressed with What’s In Your Backpack 🎒 at our Convention in Grapevine, Texas. I would love to arrange for you to come to my city someday.
Continued Blessings
Mary White
I just wanted to reach out and say Thank You. I heard you speak this morning on the Laurie Daniels Favors SXM talk show and you were best I have heard as it relates to talking about DEI work. I listened to two of your youtube videos as well and became more impressed. I have been doing this work for 30 years and you are the first person I feel who is on target with how we can best support helping people understand how to lean in to the conversations we need to have. And this means speak the truth. Thank you for being so refreshing!! John-Peter Wilhite Ragland & Wilhite Consultants
Thank you very much for your outstanding message. I could relate to everything that he said! I was one of those students who needed to be lifted by the wheelbarrow!!!
You did an amazing job at our MPE Symposium 2021! I have been teaching 17 years and love every minute of it! This year has been hard, but being back in my classroom with my students made a world of difference. I will be posting “Faith it until you make it!” around my school. We (teachers) need to know that “even if... things will be okay!” Thank you for making me more aware of my own backpack and realizing that it was way past time to unpack it. Keep doing you and spreading your message!
Dr. Brown your message is what we needed today. It was intertwined with your background, experiences, research and best practices into a powerful message of love and empathy that surpassed motivation. Your presence at our conference brought real life transformation. -Cameron Willis
Thank you Dr. Brown providing a message that breaks boundaries and challenges bias social norms. You inspired our team to tap into their inner potential to create the change we want to see. -Dean Shepard
Dr. Adolph Brown has a unique way of making the conversation of diversity, equity and inclusion easier and digestible. He skillfully helps people shift from “talking about “DEI” to actually mobilizing in their efforts toward understanding and connecting. He has an uncanny ability to reach, impact and create breakthroughs. We are thankful that Dr. Brown created a safe space for our difficult conversations and encouraged empathy. David Sneade
There is only one way to make Adolph even better. Share him with the world! Lindsey Sykes, Teacher's College
Thank you for inspiring us toward action in a memorable way. Sean Liberman, CVS Health
This man is so motivating, intelligent and funny.
Dr. Adolph Brown, provides powerful tools to change lives and inspires people to take action through his upbeat energy and motivational teachings. ❤️
I knew Adolph as a child as a good friend of his brother Oscar, and I'm quite proud of the man Adolph has become. He has had numerous opportunities to live in bigger cities but decided to come back to his community. He lives quite close to to our old community and gives back when the opportunities present. We are proud that Adolph is homegrown and hope others see the engaged, smart, well-read, thoughtful and tough man we know and respect. Kenny D.
Brilliantly Hilarious!
Doc, thank you for your inspiration today! Your presentation in Indian Prairie School District 204 was nothing short of outstanding!
Best speaker I have seen ever! Part of his class at the National Athletic Director’s Conference!! He’s right coaches matter he’s a testimonial to that! Loved the two backpack theory! As a coach I teach my kids to leave their baggage in the suitcase at the door and come into the gym free to work hard and have fun!!
EPIC!!! Christopher Cannon
Thank you for moving us forward! -Bryan Rosen, Walgreens

Dear Doc, On behalf of the U.S. Coast Guard Hampton Roads Black Heritage Committee, I would like to thank you for making our Black History Month Breakfast a memorable event.

Those in attendance had nothing but the highest praise for the exceptional message you presented on "The African Diaspora". The program was a huge success and I received word from our Partnership In Education teachers that the students could not stop talking about your presentation when they returned to school.

Thank you for participating in our event. We look forward to working with you in the future. You indeed have made it a better day!"


DON CUFFY Program Manager Hampton Roads Black Heritage Committee U.S. Coast Guard'

Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with us at our Convocation, August 26, 2005. Your comments were inspiring and you delivered a very timely message to everyone. Please know that you are always welcome at Surry County Public Schools. Again, thank you.


Manon H. Wilkins, Ed.D. 
Division Superintendent

Passionate! Erudite! "Change the Dance" is pure inspirational stimulation that can be popped in the video player anytime. Adolph has provided insights into Leadership that I have not found anywhere else. Both his expertise and his passion for the Leadership and Excellence are off the charts!

Gary Webster, 
Solana Beach, CA

Thank you for presenting at the recent PPP Family Festival 2005: Count on PPP! Without your contribution, the conference would not have been possible. This year proved to be another successful event. We have received many messages from participants praising your information, expertise, and pleasant style of delivery. Everyone seemed to leave with new energy to make parent involvement a major contributor to student success in their local schools. I enjoyed working with you and wish you continued success in your endeavors!


Darlene Robinett

A serious force in American education. The lecture significantly exceeded my expectations. A marvelous speaker. Adolph Brown is an excellent scholar — ethusiastic, fair in judgment, and he always provides the right anecdote. He is inspiring!


Bryan Kruschwitz, 
Beaverton, OR

Dear Dr. Adolph Brown,
We wish to take this time to thank you very much for all the support you gave to make our fIrst Community Forum a success. We are very happy that you took the time to share our vision of "bridging the gap and focusing on the future" of Sussex County Public Schools. We hope you understand that this vision would not have been a reality without your confIdence in us. That confIdence motivated you to take action and that action brought you to Sussex County on October 23 to share your expertise. Please accept our gratitude for your unselfish act of kindness.
If there is anything that we can do to assist you in any projects that you may undertake in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us

Tynisa Hardin, MSW
School Social Worker

Tracey Hardin, M.Ed.
Guidance Counselor

I watched "Are You Basement or Balcony?" before I even ate breakfast, it was so compelling. Listening to "Against All Odds" is nothing less than brilliant. Following Dr. Brown and seeing a 'street kid' grow into a Sage has been an inspiring experience. All of his lectures get my thoughts going, and I end up yearning for more. This is the right way to learn about character...a fascinating and very thorough conversation. "Are You Basement or Balcony" is a very highly recommended purchase.


Mary C. Senge, 
Los Altos, CA

Dear Dr. Brown:
We are just beginning to settle down after that electrifying speech you delivered at the opening event of our Family University Network on November 20th. We were seeking a keynote speaker who would motivate parents and the entire family to get serious about the importance of learning and the value of education. Well, as we educators would say, you aced it.

The accolades for your presentation have been numerous and exceptional. Parents and interested members of the community gave you high marks on their evaluation forms and wished every citizen could experience your energy and magnetism.

Thank you for being such a vital part of our new initiative. You have helped launch what we hope will be a winning experiment for promoting the supportive and nurturing role of family and community in preparing our children for the demands of today and the future.


Dr. Marcus J. Newsome

Thank you for the powerful message today for our students. The kids here at Brooks Wester Middle School in Mansfield Texas will not soon forget you!


Dave Hodgson, Assistant Principal 
Brooks Wester Middle School

It wasn't really about getting us where we want to go, but rather about getting us back to what's important. Thanks for coming to us as a reminder and not as a savior. On a personal note I would like to thank you for helping me sharpen my leadership skills by teaching me ways to boost my team's productivity. I appreciate who you are.


National Home Builders Association

Thank you for your participation and contribution to the 2nd Annual Muscogee County Schools Character Education Day Conference in Columbus, Georgia. Your presence and excellent presentation helped to make this conference a tremendous success.

We admire your talents, skills, and the positive messages you convey. Keep up the good work; America's children and youth are counting on you!
Warmest Regards


Robert D. Rabon
National Center for Youth Issues
Denise Sisemore
Conference & Event Manager
National Center for Youth Issues

WOW!! You were TOTALLY awesome and I see you have found FAVOR. This was a teacher's institute where no one fell asleep and where everyone was able to connect and relate what you talk about to a personal experience. When I go to team meetings and there are comments about a student's behavior, I simple say have you put them in your wheel barrow? Or that is a screamer, how can we assist this student? May you continue to be rewarded with much FAVOR. My children are enjoying the D.O.C. wristbands.


Marie Carlisle, 
Forest Park School District

Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with ns at our Convocation, August 26, 2005. Your comments were inspiring and you delivered a very timely message to everyone. Please know that you are always welcome at Surry County Public Schools.
Again, thank you.


Manon H. Wilkins, Ed.D.
Division Superintendent

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Cumberland County Public Schools, I extend words of thank you for sharing your powerful message with us, which allowed us to reflect on the true meaning of a teacher. In the midst of legislation and accountability, we sometimes forget the importance of building positive relationships. As teachers we must not forget that "relationships yield results" and 'the tree is in the seed." Children come to us with great possibilities and we must make those dreams and possibilities become a reality by accepting all children "[to ride in our wheelbarrows]."

Your presentation was emotional, clear, informative, meaningful, and timely. The message that you presented was well received by the audience baud I feel confident that it will make a difference in the way we receive and work with our students. I have received numerous comments from staff members indicating that they were moved by your presentation and it was exactly what they need to begin the school year and to implement the new programs (AVID and the Minority Achievement Office).

Your presentation is so powerful and the message that you have is so useful that all educators should be afforded the opportunity to hear and work with you. You are an extraordinary presenter! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and warm personality with our staff.


James Thornton
Division Superintendent
Cumberland County Public Schools

Dr. Adolph Brown should be on every school's short list as a presenter and trainer. A 5- STAR information-packed presentation. Where have you been hiding? LOL


National Education Association

I listen to Round Won everyday on my way to work. It has certainly helped motivate me to inspire my staff and students


Sean Perry 
North Hollywood High School
Hollywood, California

Undeniably phenomenal. He had 5,000+ students mesmerized. Adolph got their attention and kept IT! Afterwards, they were screaming for a repeat performance. Thanks for coming back for our parents-they are now eager and ready to get and stay involved! You're the greatest!


Petersburg Public Schools

Exquisite presentation. You captivated us all. Thanks for wowing us!


Alabama Association of School Boards

When you meet Adolph you are intellectually and emotionally affected in many positive ways.


Andrew College

Doc will change the way you think about Leadership forever. His presentation is creative brilliance that is both enlightening and life impacting He gets my highest recommendation. We are joyfully spreading the word about Dr. Adolph Brown.


Michael Gentile
Fort Worth, ISD

Adolph has the potential to do for our generation what Dr. King did for his. He is that good!


Art McMahon 
Duncanville, ISD

Your knowledge of 'reaching the bottom line' in industry by 'investing in people' made our meeting simply marvelous. We applaud your critical thinking and analytical abilities. We appreciate your generosity and sincerity.


Sales Force Alliance
Reno, Nevada

Finally! An exceptional presentation. An amazing journey that will challenge you to be the person you dreamed you could be. I can't remember the last time a speaker had this type of positive impact on my life. He had major twists that defy expectations while teaching powerful life lessons without patronizing. I was crying one minute and laughing hysterically the next. You can not listen to Adolph without your heart becoming involved.


Gary Karlsson, Council of Entrepreneur Technology

The best presentation of research and best practices I have ever heard. I could
listen to you indefinitely!


Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education

In 30 years, I have not heard a more comprehensive message. Adolph's gift for articulating leadership and educational excellence principles through personalized experiences is unparalleled. A-list!


National Association of School Boards

Thanks for the insightful presentation. You have the keen ability to make potentially complex theory and phenomena applicable to real life scenarios. Wonderful delivery of substantial information with sound research.


Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership
College of William and Mary

Thanks for reaching everyone. Your words are powerful and I was able to hold onto to everyone of them. Thanks for not speaking that psychobabble.


York Technical College

I just wanted to express to you how wonderful it was to hear you speak (for the second time) at the FCCLA National Leadership Meeting in Orlando, Florida. I can't wait to get your DVD and show it to some of my colleagues at school. Your 'Real Talk' is more beneficial to me than anything has ever been and my students were all very jealous that I got to see you again! I have attached a picture from the conference.


Allison Kreifels, FCCLA Advisor 
Lathrop, Missouri

You were a BIG HIT at the conference! Very inspiring and very true to life. Also, thanks for the research on 'best practices.


Trio Programs

The combination of appropriate humor and seriousness, fun and hard facts, provides a unique and creative approach to educating audiences about Educational Excellence and Real World Leadership.


Association of California School Administrators

How on earth did you do that? I will highly recommend your STV Tour. Please know that whatever I can do to mainstream your messages I will do.


Brigham Young University

I have never seen a student audience so extraordinarily electrified. Doc is the best on message delivery that I have ever had the privilege to witness.


York County Public Schools

Your program was highly informative and surprisingly entertaining. Your use of humor captivates your audience without sounding ‘preachy.’ Our group is still raving about your performance. Thank you for brilliantly interspersing humor with the real world challenges that underlies many of the barriers to communication and team-building in higher education.


Community College Forum

Your motivational presentation was awarded the highest scores on the feedback questionnaires. Some even created an additional category of outstanding. The talk you gave was simply the most uplifting I have ever heard, many people personally found me to tell me that it was a marvelous keynote address to round off our day.


Jeremy Ryder
Andersen Consulting

Adolph understood our requirements perfectly and delivered. Thanks for firing everyone up. Side-splitting funny!


Ector County Independent School District

You are the rare celebrity speaker with humility. Thanks for putting our association first. It is obvious that whatever challenge you face, you will always win. Thanks for being such a positive example for us all. Our kickoff was an amazing success!


West Virginia Education Association

You had us on the brink of tears one moment and then crying with laughter the next. That ability is phenomenal. Just what we needed. Loved the research!


One Church, One Child

Dr. Brown has been my executive coach for over a period of one year. Because of Dr. Brown's coaching of me, I am a very different executive. I have been able to positively influence change and lead courageously. Our work environment is much more productive and positive, acommodating of different personalities. I am convinced that we would not be where we are today without the help LEAPS consultation and training.


Keith Tapers 
Well-Body Spa

Truly a motivational speaker. Useful and relevant. In 23 years of being informed and entertained by countless speakers, no one has entertained, engaged and motivated people more than Adolph.


First District RESA
The Speaker's Network Inc.

Hilariously funny and brilliantly motivating. I now realize that when you book Doc, you get a top notch motivational speaker, a gifted scholar, and comedian for the price of one.


Money Conference

Refreshingly different and very effective. You get out of breath just watching him. His energy and enthusiasm are utterly infectious.


Oklahoma Education Association

If you want to reward your employees and staff book Dr. Brown for the meeting. Whatever it takes you need to get him!


Asset Builders

Powerful presenter. Intelligent and on target. Definitely not a road show...Adolph speaks from the heart with research to back it up. Extraordinary!


Wyoming Head Start

Dr. Adolph Brown is a thoughtful scholar, passionate educator, respected mentor, and valued community leader. He has been and continues to be a warm, witty, and brilliant resource. He has definitely distinguished himself with his creative enthusiasm and caring persona.


FOX Families Television

Doc was profoundly moving and passionate. Your talk was underscored with an expansive, almost giddy sense of possibility for our students and our profession. You gave such a gift of performance that days later we are still marveling over it. Nothing could have prepared us for such a hypnotic presentation.


North Dakota Education Association

It was a spellbinding experience. Your story is not only about the human spirit, it was really about all of us. We all want to see you again.


Cheryl Townsend Bunting 
Parent Involvement Specialist, NPS 
Department of Compensatory Education Programs Parent University

I have known and worked with Adolph Brown as a consultant and facilitator many times over the past 10 years. What strikes me the most is Adolph's depth of connection with all staff - hard-bitten executives as well as neophyte employees. My team recently used Adolph as a consultant for teambuilding and we always found Adolph to be, foremost, a good listener. He is sensitive to the needs of both the organization and the individuals that comprise it. The improvement in our employees' attitudes and performance is simply stunning.


Dollar General Corporation

Many lives were saved and changed by the messages you bring.



What a great motivational speaker you are. I can't remember the last time I have relieved so much stress in one environment. You were sensational. I'm sure that your family (children) will develop as well as you have in your life and time. When I told my family about you and what I said to you they couldn't stop laughing. I would have never believed that it was you but, after I was introduced to you I still did not judge you from what you were wearing. I honestly thought you were a kid just hanging out because you had nothing better to do. I just thought that maybe your mother could have feed you before she put out the banquet food. LOL. Anyways keep doing what you do because you do it so well. Have a blessed day.


LaDonna G. Campbell 
West Virginia Education Association

Doc was captivating, inspiring and effective. His customized presentation was fast-paced, interactive and definitely intelligent and right on target


Secondary School Principals Association

...Adolph was thoroughly engaged and completely committed to the consultation he provided for us. People who were previously unhappy and disenfranchised were empowered, charged for positive action, and began taking responsibility for the success of the organization. He brought experience, heart, and wisdom to our division. I would use Adolph again to build any team that I was a part of.


Chad McCaskill
Camden County Public School System

Dr. Brown, many thanks for the marvelous workshops you conduct for us year after year.......The feedback for your seminar was excellent. Your evaluation score was a 5 out of 5. Here are just a few of the many positive comments you received: "Has a way of making everyone feel special." "Doc is better than prozac." "Doc is out of his mind for all that is GOOD!" "I am a true fan of the Doc. He really changes lives.


VA Department of Health
HIV/AIDS Street Outreach

Like most teachers, I approached the teacher's orientation with all the excitement of a tax audit. Thank you for the awe-inspiring orientation.You re-oriented us to the meaning of orientation.


Mary Ellis Frazier 
Dekalb County School District

You were the coolest speaker I have ever seen. You were totally awesome! I wish I could hear you again and again.


SAFE Ambassadors
Orlando, Florida

One-of-a kind presenter! Fabulously off the charts. We had an amazing meeting due in part to your high energy, knowledge base, and enthusiasm coupled with positive audience interaction. Thanks for coming and leaving the positive attitude with us!


Cordia Stinebaugh
Burger King Corporation

Our students have not stopped talking about your message..................Our teachers and staff have reported positive changes in the students' attitudes and behaviors during your presentation and afterwards. We look forward to an on-going partnership with you to help us continually challenge, support, encourage, and inspire every student.


Memphis Public Schools
Memphis, Tennessee

Wow! We absolutely adored your address to our teachers, but your presentation to our students was far better than anything we could have imagined! You were better than the best assembly speaker we have ever had. Kudos to you, what you do AND HOW YOU DO IT!" (Please consider coming back for our community leaders and parents).


Dade County Public Schools
Miami, Florida

Adolph puts on a powerful presentation. You engaged us right from the get go. It was great that you were able to reach such a diverse group. I still see your 'smiles' on campus. Call Adolph if you want to improve morale and laugh while learning. Thanks for the fireworks.


Virginia Commonwealth University
Diversity Access Programs 
Health Careers/Education and Special Services for Students

DON'T WAIT! He is unforgettable!...This was a quote I saw on one of your pages. I couldn't agree more. Dr. Brown, you have no idea how much I enjoyed your presentation. Words can not describe how powerful of a speaker you are. I only wish that everyone I know could have heard what I heard at the Richmond Convention Center. You really reached me on a personal level. My only regret is that I didn't bring a notebook and pen. From the awesome story of how you and your wife met, to your seven wonderful children, to all your stories of obstacles growing up, to the way you talked about your mother, I will never forget it. I've never seen anyone be in a room with young adults, students, teachers, officials, black people, white people, people of all nationalities, and still be able to talk to them all and everyone have the same understanding. It was like we all could relate to you in some form or fashion. I didn't mean to bite your ear off (eyes, considering your reading this). I know your in-box is full of messages just like mine from all over the world. With everything that I said, I basically just wanted to say THANK-YOU. PS May God continue to bless you and your family. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!


LiMary Cook
Fredericksburg, Virginia

I've heard others say that organizations need an Adolph Brown kind of speaker. It was great to finally meet you. You have the kind of insight that is not retrieved from academics. Your ability to weave the goals of our organization throughout your talk was brilliant. Thank you for the 'can-do' message and firing us up.


Karen Petersen, Training Manager
Employment Services Management

We saw God in you. Thanks for all you do to uplift, encourage and motivate others. Continue to allow your light to positively shine.


Thomas Daley, Airline Ticket Agencies

Thank you for a phenomenal presentation! You have helped to set the tone for this coming year - "If things go wrong, you don't have to go with
it!". As mentioned, many of those present today participate in programs
sponsored by the Office of Health Careers/Education on the health
sciences campus. We will surely echo the principles you shared as we
prepare these students for a career of service in the health professions arena. Also, thanks for your understanding as we worked through the logistical issues. Your instruction began at that moment! I trust that you had a pleasant trip back to Virginia Beach. Looking forward to our paths crossing again soon. All the best.


Kevin Harris, M.S.A.
Director, Diversity Access Programs
Health Careers/Education and Special Services for Students (MCV Campus)
Virginia Commonwealth University

Every once in a while a speaker comes along whom everyone must hear. Adolph Brown is that guy! Keep up the great works!


Richard Nelson, Nebraska

Thank you so much for the wonderful inspirational speech on Monday! I didn't even realize I needed motivating. You are without a doubt the most entertaining speaker ever. Thanks for a great start to a great year.


Barbara Mitchell

Absolutely the best! You gave a tremendously solid presentation. You have unique gifts of blending being entertaining, encouraging and educational all at the same time. May God continue to bless you in your travels.


Carroll Jenkins, Jamaica

Adolph knows how to bring out the best in people. His skill for providing nuts and bolts to audiences is apparent the moment he picks up a microphone. You left the crowd buzzing with high energy and excitement.


Kevin Finch, President
Critical Issues in Leadership Conference
North Central Region

...An awesome opportunity. I have attended many conferences and lectures throughout my professional career, few have had the impact that your presentation did with our tough group. You were one of the most intelligent people I have ever listened to.


Henry Albert 
Iowa State Education Association

Adolph possesses a high degree of originality and creativity. He also has brilliant insight into matters that may elude others. I am always impressed with his savvy about people and his vision about to produce the best results.


Georgia School Administrators

Dr. Adolph Brown is one great communicator!


National Congressional Youth Leadership Forum

You are a genuine, transparent and approachable trainer. You definitely left us with something of value. Best wishes and hopes that all have an opportunity to hear your brilliant message.


Rosa Northup
Miami Dade County P.S.

Doc tells people things they need to hear! It was certainly obvious our group was listening to your every word. We have never had a presenter still receive applause as he walked out of the door...


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

You packed the house. You place profound life-altering truths in humor. I don't recall a single speech where Adolph did not receive a standing ovation.


Nancy Henderson

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed new ways to connect with my students. You re-ignited my passion to educate. Your disarmingly composed manner provides a great role model for teaching excellence.


Hope Mitchell
Long Beach, California

You were fast-paced, upbeat, and INCREDIBLY funny. Thanks for the exuberant spirit and laughter. You are a special person.


Fred Reid, World Racing Teams and Motorsports

Your extemporaneous and self-effacing style was magnetic. Adolph has earned the reputation of a "presenter of choice" because he creates a learning environment that is "real." His creativity and passion extend well beyond the walls of the conference hall. You are incredible.


Alumni Credit Union

This is my 11X time hearing Dr. Adolph Brown speak. Call me a 'groupie.' I am still moved to tears of laughter and joy at his positive talks, wit, insight, and unique humor. We have him back as often as we can.


The National Medical Association

What a day! Your side-splitting humor and inspiration delighted and enriched us all. It's going to be A GREAT DAY!


Childcare Network, NYC

You changed the lives of our students! Never have I seen a speaker capture both the hearts and minds of so many students at one time. What you did was incredible. What you said was phenomenal! We will see you again next year.


Loudon County Public Schools

Doc is a great tool for helping educators measure learning and raise student achievement. Your interventions work! Our students are still chanting "I'll never give up!


Thomas A. Edison High School
Jamaica, NY

You literally have to fasten your seat belt when Adolph presents. His rambunctious and high energy style super-charges audiences while challenging everyone to be more creative, innovative, and practical in everyday service delivery.


Community College Association

Something may be wrong with Dr. Brown. Why is he always so happy? And since when can psychology professors prescribe their own medications? He always walks with pep in his step and has a kind word for all. Am I working him hard enough? I can't believe he would want to share his messages worldwide. We are thankful for Dr. Brown. He makes learning fun as it should be.

University President

Thanks for your humor skills for team building, customer service, and stress management. Our prayers were answered!


Market Management

Thank you for assisting us in understanding all dimensions of diversity and their impact on the work environment. You pushed us beyond our comfort zones to explore our own biases and assumptions. Bridges were indeed formed!


LTJG Commander K. Moore
United States Coast Guard

Your charisma and oratorical gifts were well-received. You provided many deep and probing insights. Your talk was intriguing and cogent, full of concrete examples. We appreciated your intelligent style without being overly academic.


State of Today's Youth Address
Honorable Judge Greg Mathis

Thank you for reminding us that people from adverse environments do and can succeed. I will forever remember that 'doctors save lives and teachers build them.' I was most impressed to see one of my students denounce his gang affiliation, by giving you his gang colored bandanna. You are an advocate for all things good! We needed you Dr. Brown!


Roanoke Public Schools

Adolph helped us reclaim our dedication to "Wellness." Thank you for helping us to celebrate and renew our mission through laughter and inspiration. You have re-inspired our energy and uplifted our spirits.

Patient First—Primary and Urgent Health Care

Adolph is the most thought-provoking, humorous, and empowering speaker we have ever had in my 30 years of teaching. He is an exceedingly bright guy who helped us not take ourselves too seriously and focus on the mission at hand.

Teach for America

Teach for America

Thank you for taking us through the challenges faced by today's families striving to lead healthy and productive lives. You inevitably captured both the hearts and minds of the congregation.


Dr. M. Whitaker 
New Bethel Baptist Church

Top tier speaker and trainer. Adolph didn't get voted best in the business by being boring. He is equally kind as he is funny.


Randolph Johnson
Speak 4 Life

Doc is to-die-for. We love his conversational tone and how he combines jokes with serious topics.


Florida Head Start Association

Dr. Brown, you were engaging, passionate, witty and an all out funny guy. You had us spellbound with your message. Thank you for the top of my heart.


Teresa Mullins

When Doc strolls into a room, molecules change, energy shifts—and good things start to happen.


President of Miami Subs Grill

Adolph's presence at our Opening Convocation was like opening a bottle of champagne. He was entertaining yet powerfully inspiring.


President of Andrew College

I finally figured it out. You are the educator's T.D. Jakes.


Renee' Andersen

We just love Adolph. He's such a giver and we have learned so much from just a few of his gifts. Thanks for leaving a few of your books. Very seldom do you read a book that truly delivers what the title promises your books are such books.


Blackhawk Technical College
Janesville, Wisconsin

You were a humorous and entertaining motivational speaker who actually had something to say.


Georgia Administrators Conference

You have to be Corporate America's hottest humorous after dinner speaker.


Gail Sherlyn

YOU did it again! Many requested your return, so we obliged. Our employee morale has never been so high. YOUR humorous, strong and relevant message packed with useful tools made a terrific use of our time.


Lorraine Lenihan
Asterich HealthCare

Dr. Adolph Brown has his scars and his stars. To hear him speak and feel it too is awesome. He is indeed an Ambassador of Hope.


Rev. Jesse Jackson 
Chicago, IL

Doc is one sharp guy! Keep motivating with the humor, honesty and wisdom. Information shared by humor is retained. We love him.


Susan Teri
Rotary International

Adolph speaks from the heart and is a truly gifted motivational speaker. His talks become the highlight of every event.


Raymond Osbourne
National Counselor's Association

Adolph has validated and verified many things for us. We appreciated how you seamlessly tied our company into your presentation. The numerous emails, comments, and phone calls are a testament to the impact you made. I will recommend him to all my friends. He leaves a lasting impression whenever he goes.


A & G Sales Corporation

You are a GREAT MOTIVATOR! Your message lasts. I have always remembered it since I heard you at Brandon Middle School 6 years ago. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation today. You truly make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Mr. Bobby
Bayside High School

As always, Doc makes learning seem fun, and comes across less like an expert and more like an experienced parent sharing the wisdom of raising seven children. He taught us to live with love, humor, and humility. Even as a most respected speaker of our time, to hear his voice was magic.

Kansas Fatherhood Coalition

Nothing less than brilliant, listening to him has been one of the most profound, inspiring and enjoyable experiences of my entire life. bar none.

Arthur Cameron
Fresno, CA

A profound, resounding, and meaningful pick-me up! Dr. Brown's wise insights and practical ideas will transform millions.

A Maryland Parent

My sincere thanks for the seminar that taught us all how to practice
love, especially for thy neighbor. Although his talk had many outstanding qualities, love was the distinguishing feature from other remarkable presentations I have seen. I left feeling upbeat as well as a new feeling of "upbuilt." It is my hope that he continues his enlightening talks to bring unity to groups. He is a fine example of high morals and exemplary behavior.

Tennessee Education Association

As someone who can be fairly cynical about speakers, I raucously cheered you. You shared an amazing message of hope. It is obvious that you are quite the problem-solver and troubleshooter. You turbo-charged our meeting. We loved your energy and passion. Thank you for showing us how laughter and love of life remains through any trial. Simply great!

Susie Dudley, Director HR 

Doc makes you rediscover emotions you forgot you had.

18th Annual National Youth At-Risk Conference
Savannah, GA

Your much needed and well received message was spoken eloquently. You are sharp, funny, and hip, but at dinner the day before your talk we discovered that you are equally serious, sweet, and sincere. One of our educators described you best. She said "Dr. Adolph Brown is what I dreamed I could be." MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Glenbard School Division
Glen Ellyn, IL

Doc Brown is an inspiring and excellent enthusiastic scholar.

Pamela Woods
Brookline, MA

Adolph gives "voice" to the things that we all know need to be said to today's youth and parents, but were afraid to say.

Vidalia City Schools
Vidalia, GA

You folks are easy to work with and show an excellent model for good relations. It is a real pleasure to do business with you and it keeps us coming back.

Kentucky Education Association

Adolph was real, engaging to every participant, and so passionate about his message that it was contagious. Thank you for personally reviewing our answers and comments to the Pre-Program questionnaire. Today's program was fantastic and inspiring. Adolph Brown is in a class by himself.

Frances Othmer
Conference Planner

Adolph provided insights that I have not found anywhere else. I didn't want it to end! It had me on the edge of my seat.

Wendy Ham
Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Adolph Brown is, without a doubt, astounding. His deliverance is par excellence. I could have easily sat and listened to another 2 hours. Thank you for this excellent learning opportunity.

Carl Peters
Austin, Texas

Doc is hip and his spirit is sincere as he shares personal stories of his humble beginnings. Many of us experienced personal breakthroughs. You have an ability to have an instant connection to others. You are my Humble Hero!

Nelson Angier
Emory University

A stunning presentation by a brilliant man.

Ann Mason
Pittsburgh, PA

These are some of the comments from the Urban Superintendents Conference of America: 
"Creme De la creme." "You have the gifts to change the hearts and minds of skeptical people." "Far from a band aid." "No one does it better!" "I can't say enough positive things about Adolph's presentation." "I look forward to bringing him to our school district." "The best speaker we have had in many years." "He definitely understands the issues and provides practical strategies to work on them." "A MUST for ALL school divisions!

Dr. Fred Bateman
The Urban Superintendents Conference of America
Charleston, South Carolina

Young or old, Doc gives eminently practical advice to empower all to do their very best! Your spirit was sincere and it was obvious you share from the heart. You really jump-started us-and people can't stop talking.

Pamela Sutton
Chicago, IL

Doc's megawatt smile is infectious. He was like steroids for the attitudes of our students and faculty. His visit was a truly heartwarming experience for all. Thanks for raising the bar.

Livingstone College

The students really hear and listen to your messages. You have a gift for what you do. You captivated us ALL. It was money and time well spent. I recommend that ALL students and educators in America make the opportunity to hear your richly detailed presentations. We are honored you were able to fit us into your schedule.

Pinellas County Schools
Pinellas Co., Florida

You are truly a jet-setter. You wooed us with your optimism, knowledge, and empathy. Thank you for guiding us to more self-awareness and appreciation. You created a ripple effect of teamwork and increased productivity and in our organization.

Nippon Hiroshi
Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Brown is a most excellent resource for our programs. He is committed to impeccable delivery with emphasis on sincerity and warmth toward his audiences. We will continue to welcome you back for years to come.

Practical Parent Partnerships
Midwestern Region

You were personally mentioned more than any other presenter, and yours was one of the highest-rated sessions in the entire conference. You did a terrific job! If you have the opportunity to book Adolph Brown as a speaker, I strongly recommend you do so.

Mary Canty Merrill, Ph.D.
Organizational Specialist
Midwest Region

Powerful! I've been to a dozen programs on the same topic and none were as clear. Doc was not just entertaining -he made sense. Doc Brown will knock your socks off. Everyone should hear him.

Diversity Education Forum
Northern Virginia Community College Faculty

2 Days wasn't nearly enough time to absorb the wealth and breath of knowledge you imparted. I have NEVER seen our staff so excited to attend 2 days of lecture. We apologize for the increase of participants on day 2, it appears that the good news of your arrival spread quickly. We look forward to seeing you again later this year. It was time and resources well spent.

Cambridgeshire, England

You are a 'People Expert!' You have the keen ability to anticipate what the audience expects. We absolutely love your creative spirit.

Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Brown answers the mail! Thanks for freeing us from the BOX. You Rock!

Mr. Wardell
Lincoln Life

"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24