Why I’m not a Motivational Speaker...


I’m often referred to as a motivational speaker, and my office uses the terms for Google searches.  However I am a master teacher, research-scientist, author and clinical & educational psychologist who has intensely studied human behavior to know that motivation in and of itself is not enough.  I love a great inspirational talk, movie, or book to provoke inspiration.  Positive change on the other hand has to come from within to be sustainable.  

I often receive comments from audience participants about how life-changing my messages are.  I know that the shelf life of inspiration and motivation are extremely short, so I make sure that each and every “lecture,” not a speech, is laden with research based content and evidence driven strategies.  As an educator, I treat the stage as if it were the front of my classroom.  I often encourage positive change when needed or reinforce positive change that is already occurring.  Motivation to positively change without clear direction and practical, but real strategies has little value.  I want the experience of my lectures to last longer than one’s walk to their car.  I work hard to ensure that you are thinking about what you saw and heard long after it has occurred. 

As I know that the best motivation and inspiration comes from within, I make it my primary focus to get people to look within, examine their thoughts and actions and reflect on how they are versus how they would like to be.  The result is often that people report being touched in a very deep place and the life-altering content pushes them to take action.  It is through time tested research, relatable and true stories, and best practice strategies that my audiences are inspired and motivated to monumental acts of willpower, courage, discipline, perseverance, and, ultimately positive change.

"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24