Prayer Requires Action

As I read posts this week surrounding violence in our world, I recall many saying we needed more than the usual "thoughts and prayers."  At first read it almost sounds like one may be beckoning our legislators to do more, or more disheartening for me would be one diminishing the power of prayer. I live by prayer and reflection, and I would suggest that prayer is powerful when we all DO more.

Prayers require action as I do not pray to a "genie in a lamp." My prayers strengthen my relationship of worship.  My prayers also demonstrate my dependence and it also reflects my faith.

I have known family, friends and colleagues to pray for many things without being an active participant in the process.  If one is praying to be healed, then one would also seek out medical professionals to help in the process of bringing about complete and total healing.  If I break my leg and you witness it, although I would love and appreciate a prayer of comfort and healing, I would also like your assistance in getting to a hospital.  The same would be true for praying for all to live together in peace and harmony.  Pray asking for supernatural intervention, and then put your faith into action by doing all you can in seeing that you, your family, your friends and co-workers are contributing to the peace & harmony you wish to see.

I find prayer to be active exercise, not a passive one.  I know God does not need my help, but my faith requires action or it is "dead."  I am challenging all who pray to be active participants in God answering our prayers because prayer without action is futile.  

And yes, Parkland is still in my thoughts and prayers while I do my part to spread love, light & insight wherever I am. 


"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24