Uncovering Implicit Bias

Dr. Adolph Brown has studied implicit bias for over three decades and has helped thousands of corporate and education professionals worldwide become more aware of the unconscious attribution of particular qualities to a member of a certain social group.  Dr. Brown does not offer a training per se, as much as he offers a philosophy and an awareness to embrace when dealing with others.  Dr. Brown acknowledges under certain conditions ALL of us have automatic associations that can influence our behavior - making individuals respond in biased ways even when they are not explicitly prejudiced.  This is often referred to as "racism without racists."

Learning Objectives:

1.  Understand that implicit bias can distort one's perception and subsequent treatment either in favor or against a given person or group.

2. Reduce the harm and influence that implicit bias and racial stereotypes have on our minds and our public safety.   

Implicit Bias


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"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24