Written by Doc's Manager Sherri

Born in the heart of the inner city, while spending summers in rural Virginia with his grandfather, Adolph was reared to be very hard-working and reflective.  Having had a single parent mother in the housing projects, having been a Head Start student, having been the first of his family of five to graduate high school, and having had his oldest sibling and only brother murdered when he was only 11, Adolph’s life and work have been a voyage of discovery beyond anything he could imagine. Adolph is a recovering middle school special education teacher, university professor and dean, and corporate project manager. He is an educational and clinical psychologist, master teacher, humorist, author, and philanthropist. As a philantthropist, Adolph donates 1/3 of his consultation fees to support his vision of creating a million dollars scholarship endowment for hardworking young people.

He has served as a legislative advocate, Virginia Head Start Association President and President of the Virginia Association of Black Psychologists. He brings his experience, focus, and sense of humor to each of his endeavors. Adolph is a man of virtue and simplicity. He is a deep thinker, an active listener, and a very engaging presenter. Adolph has a strong appreciation for the virtues of teaching, research and leadership, as he became the youngest full tenured university professor in the United States at the age of 29 with the help of a supportive family, encouraging teachers and a supportive community. His research focuses on elements of Servant Leadership, 21st Century Life Skills, Teaching Excellence, Classroom Management, Equity & Inclusion, Social & Emotional Learning, Best Self /Positive Mindset, and Service Learning.  He also quite often gives talks to today's youth on yesterday's life lessons.  He has a "head" for adults and a "heart" for kids as he facilitates over 100 youth focus groups a year.  

Adolph now lives in Virginia with his lovely wife Marla, he met while they were both undergraduates at the College of William and Mary. Virginia is indeed "For Lovers" as they have 8 mischievously wonderful children. Many still affectionately refer to him as "the U.S. Secretary of Inspiration" following his days with "America's Promise" founded by General Colin Powell. Adolph describes himself as just a "good guy" with regular problems and plenty of faith. Feel free to chat with him today during his book signing following this presentation.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are speakers, and then THERE IS THIS GUY!

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"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven"
– Matthew 5:16