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Dr. Adolph Brown Lives & Embodies "MY BROTHER'S KEEPER!"

Young Adolph saw his father for the first time when he was 18 years old.  His oldest sibling & only brother Oscar was murdered when he was 11 years old.  In spite of his start, his single parent housing project mother reared him to be the first in his family of five to graduate high school, attend college, become one of the youngest tenured professors in the US at age 29 and change the world on a daily basis since. His mother refused to be a victim and it rubbed off.  Dr. Brown is a "Leader Front & Center" as he still lives only a few blocks from his childhood projects.  


All Content is Data-Driven, Evidence-Based (EBP) & CEU Professional Standards Approved

  • Corporate TEAM BUILDING & positive mental ATTITUDE Conferences™

    Doc shows how positive attitude & growth mindset increase achievement, performance & successful unified teams!

  • 21st Century LIFE & WorkPLACE Skills seminars

    Doc instills a diverse range of essential soft skills required for success in life and work. (Championship Habits™)

  • INSPIRING TEACHER Professional Development

    Doc inspires teachers to connect to their students, their students to each other, and everyone to the subject being studied.


    An Uplifting & Engaging experience for youth! See noticeale improvement in character related behavior & achievement motivation.

    PARENTING skills™

    Doc "Educates & Elevates™" parents to create a "Culture of Excellence" in the home where children can thrive personally, socially & academically.

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Business and Life Coaching

  • Chamionship Habits

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