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(Adorns the walls of offices, classrooms, clinics, and boardrooms across the country)



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Two Backpacks


Two Backpacks

Childhood trauma is an urgent issue with a profound effect on learning and healthy living. In this book, Dr. Brown successfully addresses the needs of all young people and adults alike, by sharing the importance of dealing with the issues in your backpacks before they deal with your success and happiness.


Autographed Copy $19.95

Real Talk Book

"What's really novel about his quick- read books are their bite-sized format for today's busy professional. You can open the book to any page and find a nourishing morsel." Robert Duffy, Seaside, Oregon


REAL TALK: Lessons in Uncommon Sense

Nurturing Potential & Inspiring Excellence In Young People

A short read and reflective workbook for educators and parents that details how to make uncommon sense more common. The Must-Read Youth Engagement and Inspirational Book of the Year!


Autographed Copy $19.95



Championship Habits Book


21st Century Workplace Skills!



Adopted by 74 Corporations and Businesses To Address Customer Service, Sales Training, & Hospitality Development

Now Available!!$14.95

Autographed Copy $19.95

It's Gonna Be A Great Day


 A Children's Book About Doc Written By His Third Grade Teacher


The Balcony Band Negativity Cleanse - "Snap out of negativity into positivity!"

balcony band

A quick and effective technique to help you with intrusive negative thoughts is "thought stopping." The Balcony Band aids in taking the negativity out of your head and snapping you back into reality.


balcony bands


Signature Wheelbarrow Lapel Pin

Get The Official Symbol of Doc's Balcony People!

And Show The World That You Have Room In Your Wheelbarrow For Those Who Need a Temporary Inspirational Lift!


Perfect for Colleges & Schools

Wheelbarrow Lapel Pin


Corporate Signature Wheelbarrow Lapel Pin

Perfect for Corporations

Corporate Wheelbarrow Lapel Pin

Get The Official Symbol of Doc's Balcony People!

And Show The World That You Have Room In Your Wheelbarrow For Those Who Need a Temporary Inspirational Lift!


Webinar - Electronic Meeting Service (EMS)

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our interactive online workshop web conferences complemented by electronic meeting systems (EMS). Often, Doc will be hosted by a corporation or school division's EMS software and application. The format typically includes Q&A with Doc as follow-ups to his in-person seminars.

The cost for an hour EMS with Doc is $4,250.00 and may include as many individuals and groups as you would like to connect to the program. If this is not a follow-up to one of Doc's seminars, this is a viable cost-effective option to have Doc present to your group without the hosting company incurring travel and travel-related expenses.

Should you be interested in facilitating an EMS with Doc, please contact us at your earliest convenience as Doc's schedule fills quickly.


We Accept Purchase Orders

Bully Proof DVD

Bully Proofing Your School The One Love Way
(For Students) 

This highly interactive, creative, and relevant video sends a clear and positive message that bullying is neither acceptable nor inevitable in our schools and communities. Doc raises awareness of bullying prevention with a knee-slappin', hand-clappin', and belly-laughin' presentation that models outrageous and field-tested strategies. Doc's information packed strategies designed to greatly decrease bullying in schools and communities will forever transform your school, students, staff, and community.

$49.95 (DVD)


Real Talk DVD

Real Talk - Edutainment At It's Best...LIVE in Action ... Live! - LEARN MORE & LAUGH LOUDER!

Learn More & Laugh Louder as Doc demonstrates how Real Talk positively addresses "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" dealing with everything from relationships, family, today's youth, diversity, leadership, and education. Doc humorously exposes issues that many avoid in the 'politically-correct' climate as he promotes "ONE LOVE" for all. If society privately thinks about it or secretly talks about it, Real Talk addresses it! Real Talk leads to Real Action. Real Action leads Real Results! ONE LOVE!

$49.95 (DVD)

Making the Move to Kindergarten Susan Tolley

NEW! Making the Move to Kindergarten Facilitated by Doc's 3rd grade teacher, Susan Tolley

Making the Move to Kindergarten is a DVD designed to help parents of preschoolers smoothly transition their children to kindergarten. Susan Tolley, a retired teacher/curriculum specialist/principal with 33 years experience will address such topics as the differences between preschools and public kindergartens, suggestions for helping your child navigate those differences, and readiness for the first day...what to do months ahead of time, days ahead of time and the first day.

$49.95 (DVD)

Real Talk DVD

Doc's Wheelbarrow Philosophy in Action ... Live!

You will laugh-out-loud while gaining many new perspectives as you view Doc's famous wheelbarrow philosophy for meeting the instructional needs of ALL young people. Imagine parents and educators using a wheelbarrow to carry the often-heavy load of our diverse young people. Learn differentiated instructional strategies to meet the needs of diverse classrooms and homes. Who do you have in your wheelbarrow?


$49.95 (DVD)

Real Talk DVD

Be the Change: Are You a Basement or a Balcony Person!

Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. Laugh and learn as Dr. Adolph Brown, III shares his fast-paced and engaging blend of facts, quotes, poignant stories, and hilarious anecdotes that promote positive change and growth. Find out if you are or have been a ’Tool of Torture Basement Person’ or ’An Instrument of Change Balcony Person’ in the lives of others.



$49.95 (DVD)

Real Talk DVD

Adventures in Parenting - It's Not Easy

Enjoy the ride as Doc uses his gifts to inspire parents, educators, and guardians to recognize and use their full potential to make a positive difference in the lives of their children or students, and in themselves. Doc shows the audience how to increase their parenting abilities by setting out clear, logical, and innovative strategies adults need to help children succeed academically, feel loved and worthwhile, and to steer them from trouble.



$49.95 (DVD)


We Accept Purchase Orders

Dear Teach Audio CD The Best Letter You Can Ever Receive from a Parent!

Dear Teacher An Audio Letter (For All Audiences)

$9.99 (Audio CD)

Against All Odds! Motivation & Inspiration for Youth A MUST for ALL Youth!

Against All Odds! Motivation & Inspiration for Youth (For Youth Audiences)

$19.99 (Audio CD)

Round Won!  Engaging Today's Youth Voted #1 Best Audio Product for New & Veteran Educators and Parents!

Round Won! Engaging Today's Youth (For Adult Audiences)

$19.99 (Audio CD)

Doc’s Speaking Academy

Doc's Speaking Academy

So YOU Wanna Be A Professional Motivational Speaker?

Register for Doc's Speaking Academy


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Keep Calm and Get In my Wheelbarrow

Keep Calm and Get in my Wheelbarrow  T-shirt



I Am An Apple In the Tree - Real Talk T-Shirt

Apple in the Tree T-shirt
Girls are like apples on trees, the best ones are on the top of the tree.  (Makes an ideal gift from school administrators to young ladies who forget to appropriately cover the 4 B's -Br@*^t, Back, B*#t, & Belly)



Two Rings + Two Vows - Real Talk T-Shirt

IT'S GREAT TO WAIT!! (Until Marriage) T-SHIRT
Two Rings + Two Vows = One Lifetime!



Doc's CDGet a FREE dance through the storm dance mix with the purchase of a dance through the storm t-shirt.


Dance Through The Storm

Dance Through The Storm
Dance Out Loud



Autograph Cards

"Make The Choice To Be A Balcony Person!"



 It's Gonna Be A Great Day!

"It's Gonna Be A Great Day !"



"Who's In Your Wheelbarrow?" 8.5 X 11 AUTOGRAPHED!



"When Things Go Wrong, You Don't Have To Go With Them!" 8.5 X 11 AUTOGRAPHED!



Chill Cards - Bully Proofing Your School The One Love Way

chillin cards


Best used for Middle & High Schoolers

Purchase a Box of 250
CHILL Cards - Bully Proofing Your School The One Love Way for your School or Program:

(an important tool in the student self-discipline arsenal)

Student-led, parent and educator supported, CHILL Cards: Bully Proofing Your School The One Love Way are making a difference in homes and schools across the nation.

Positively change the climate of the environment via peer mediation. NOT just for problem individuals, but used to help ALL individuals before problems develop. Based on the concept of "Pay it Forward."

250 CHILL Cards for $49.95


"Pay It Forward" Hearts of Gold

One Love Hearts

Best used for Preschool & Elementary Schoolers

250 Hearts of Gold for $49.95


Anti Bullying Packet


Bully Proof your Home and School The One Love Way™

The Anti-Bully Package includes everything you'll need to combat bullying. 6 Poster Set, Audio CD, DVD and Chill Cards.The One Love Bully Proofing Kit™ uses the clinical experience of Drs. Stuart Twemlow and Frank Sacco of Why School Antibullying Programs Don't Work, research rigor of the more than thirty-five years of intervention work of Dr. Dan Olweus (pronounced Ol-VEY-us; the E sounds like a long A), Character Education, and the empirically validated Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) function-based approach to eliminate challenging behaviors and replace them with prosocial skills, combined with Dr. Adolph Brown and team's unique gifts and abilities to translate cutting edge theory into concise hip language with emotional impact for today's youth, adults, and families alike.

 View Packet 

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Sense of Entitlement Poster
Sense of Entitlement
Apple in the Tree Poster
Be the Apple in the Tree!
MONEY…. To make a million dollars, you must be worth a million dollars! (GPA = $$$)
NO Crack Zone!
CHOICES….Yale, Jail, or Hell; it’s up to you.
UNSTOPPABLE! Able to overcome adverse conditions and barriers.
HOMEWORK….Complete your projects or live in them.
HEALTH….is your wealth. You are creating you in old age today.
QUITTING….an intolerable act of fear and desperation.
RAP….Without cursing is jazz.
SUCCESS…. Has enemies and haters. Tell them NOT to hate, appreciate.
GOSSIP….only 12% of the general population ever get talked about. Consider it an honor.
SMART…..Has always been cool! Potential without purpose is always the fool.
I Will Not Give Up
No Bully Zone
No Bully Zone
When you laugh with a Bully. You become one!
When you laugh with a bully, you become one!
Bullies Never Win
Bullies Never Win
It isn't big to make others feel small.
It isn't big to make others feel small
When someone talks behind your back, it just means you're ahead of them.
When someone talks behind your back, it just means you're ahead of them.
Calling me ugly won't make you beautiful!
Calling me ugly won't make you beautiful!

Complete Set of 21 "Posters for the Price of 19!
11" X 17"
(Individual Posters $5.00 each)


Disclaimer: Real Talk™ is ALWAYS Preceded by Real Relationships!


Doc's Videos

podcastMotivational Minute


Dr. Browns presentations are based in solid research. The presentations are NOT just what he thinks, but "best practices" that are empirically-tested.

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