REAL TALK Balcony Briefs
Love * Light * Insight

Dr. Adolph Brown brings empowering messages filled with LOVE, LIGHT, and INSIGHT.  

Dr. Brown creates a unique way to make challenging topics easier and digestible for all audiences.  The impact of his messages have been life changing for his audiences.  Dr. Brown's ultimate goal is to create safe spaces for difficult conversations while encouraging empathy in a world distracted by apathy.  

  • As news outlets have to compete head to head with the entertainment industries, news programs have become less informative and more sensationalized.  Audiences are drawn to emotionally intense stories.  Although th

  • While people are more connected than ever before, many are lonlier, more isolated, anxious, low self-esteem and depressed.  Mobile devices and social media can lead to psychological and physical problems.  The nega

  • The phrases being grateful and being thankful are often used interchangeably as a result of most dictionaries listing them as synonyms.  However, there are subtle differences between the phrases.   The word thankfu

  • Our Brains can sometimes be like web browsers; open tabs, pop-ups, slow loading, “viruses” and frequent updates at the wrong times.  – Dr. Adolph Brown


  • It is important to note how our lives start and end with breathing.  As newborns, breathing is the first thing we do coming into the world, and ironically the very last thing we do as we transition.  Anxiety, which

  • Mental health during the time of COVID-19, heightened racial unrest and political strife is crucial for the general public to explore.  Life already has a host of stressors from family crises, job-related issues, t

  • Planning and setting boundaries around family rituals are important aspects to a healthy union.  Often the issues are not the forethought or behavioral parameters useful for family rituals, but the violations of co

  • During the age of the coronavirus pandemic the ins and outs of everyday living have drastically changed.  Some of the most challenging issues have arisen as a result of the stripping away of our once ever present c

  • It is important to challenge racial bias early, before it becomes a habit.  Young children learn about racial differences and racial bias from the adults in their lives.  The following strategies are helpful on how

"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works"
– Hebrews 10:24