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Dear Doc, On behalf of the U.S. Coast Guard Hampton Roads Black Heritage Committee, I would like to thank you for making our Black History Month Breakfast a memorable event.

Those in attendance had nothing but the highest praise for the exceptional message you presented on "The African Diaspora". The program was a huge success and I received word from our Partnership In Education teachers that the students could not stop talking about your presentation when they returned to school.

Thank you for participating in our event. We look forward to working with you in the future. You indeed have made it a better day!"

DON CUFFY Program Manager Hampton Roads Black Heritage Committee U.S. Coast Guard'

Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with us at our Convocation, August 26, 2005. Your comments were inspiring and you delivered a very timely message to everyone. Please know that you are always welcome at Surry County Public Schools. Again, thank you.

Manon H. Wilkins, Ed.D.
Division Superintendent

Passionate! Erudite! "Change the Dance" is pure inspirational stimulation that can be popped in the video player anytime. Adolph has provided insights into Leadership that I have not found anywhere else. Both his expertise and his passion for the Leadership and Excellence are off the charts!

Gary Webster,
Solana Beach, CA

Thank you for presenting at the recent PPP Family Festival 2005: Count on PPP! Without your contribution, the conference would not have been possible. This year proved to be another successful event. We have received many messages from participants praising your information, expertise, and pleasant style of delivery. Everyone seemed to leave with new energy to make parent involvement a major contributor to student success in their local schools. I enjoyed working with you and wish you continued success in your endeavors!

Darlene Robinett

A serious force in American education. The lecture significantly exceeded my expectations. A marvelous speaker. Adolph Brown is an excellent scholar — ethusiastic, fair in judgment, and he always provides the right anecdote. He is inspiring!

Bryan Kruschwitz,
Beaverton, OR

Dear Dr. Adolph Brown,
We wish to take this time to thank you very much for all the support you gave to make our fIrst Community Forum a success. We are very happy that you took the time to share our vision of "bridging the gap and focusing on the future" of Sussex County Public Schools. We hope you understand that this vision would not have been a reality without your confIdence in us. That confIdence motivated you to take action and that action brought you to Sussex County on October 23 to share your expertise. Please accept our gratitude for your unselfish act of kindness.
If there is anything that we can do to assist you in any projects that you may undertake in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us

Tynisa Hardin, MSW
School Social Worker

Tracey Hardin, M.Ed.
Guidance Counselor

I watched "Are You Basement or Balcony?" before I even ate breakfast, it was so compelling. Listening to "Against All Odds" is nothing less than brilliant. Following Dr. Brown and seeing a 'street kid' grow into a Sage has been an inspiring experience. All of his lectures get my thoughts going, and I end up yearning for more. This is the right way to learn about character...a fascinating and very thorough conversation. "Are You Basement or Balcony" is a very highly recommended purchase.

Mary C. Senge,
Los Altos, CA

Dear Dr. Brown:
We are just beginning to settle down after that electrifying speech you delivered at the opening event of our Family University Network on November 20th. We were seeking a keynote speaker who would motivate parents and the entire family to get serious about the importance of learning and the value of education. Well, as we educators would say, you aced it.

The accolades for your presentation have been numerous and exceptional. Parents and interested members of the community gave you high marks on their evaluation forms and wished every citizen could experience your energy and magnetism.

Thank you for being such a vital part of our new initiative. You have helped launch what we hope will be a winning experiment for promoting the supportive and nurturing role of family and community in preparing our children for the demands of today and the future.

Dr. Marcus J. Newsome

Thank you for the powerful message today for our students. The kids here at Brooks Wester Middle School in Mansfield Texas will not soon forget you!

Dave Hodgson, Assistant Principal
Brooks Wester Middle School

It wasn't really about getting us where we want to go, but rather about getting us back to what's important. Thanks for coming to us as a reminder and not as a savior. On a personal note I would like to thank you for helping me sharpen my leadership skills by teaching me ways to boost my team's productivity. I appreciate who you are.

National Home Builders Association

Thank you for your participation and contribution to the 2nd Annual Muscogee County Schools Character Education Day Conference in Columbus, Georgia. Your presence and excellent presentation helped to make this conference a tremendous success.

We admire your talents, skills, and the positive messages you convey. Keep up the good work; America's children and youth are counting on you!
Warmest Regards

Robert D. Rabon
National Center for Youth Issues
Denise Sisemore
Conference & Event Manager
National Center for Youth Issues

WOW!! You were TOTALLY awesome and I see you have found FAVOR. This was a teacher's institute where no one fell asleep and where everyone was able to connect and relate what you talk about to a personal experience. When I go to team meetings and there are comments about a student's behavior, I simple say have you put them in your wheel barrow? Or that is a screamer, how can we assist this student? May you continue to be rewarded with much FAVOR. My children are enjoying the D.O.C. wristbands.

Marie Carlisle,
Forest Park School District

Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with ns at our Convocation, August 26, 2005. Your comments were inspiring and you delivered a very timely message to everyone. Please know that you are always welcome at Surry County Public Schools.
Again, thank you.

Manon H. Wilkins, Ed.D.
Division Superintendent

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Cumberland County Public Schools, I extend words of thank you for sharing your powerful message with us, which allowed us to reflect on the true meaning of a teacher. In the midst of legislation and accountability, we sometimes forget the importance of building positive relationships. As teachers we must not forget that "relationships yield results" and 'the tree is in the seed." Children come to us with great possibilities and we must make those dreams and possibilities become a reality by accepting all children "[to ride in our wheelbarrows]."

Your presentation was emotional, clear, informative, meaningful, and timely. The message that you presented was well received by the audience baud I feel confident that it will make a difference in the way we receive and work with our students. I have received numerous comments from staff members indicating that they were moved by your presentation and it was exactly what they need to begin the school year and to implement the new programs (AVID and the Minority Achievement Office).

Your presentation is so powerful and the message that you have is so useful that all educators should be afforded the opportunity to hear and work with you. You are an extraordinary presenter! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and warm personality with our staff.

James Thornton
Division Superintendent
Cumberland County Public Schools

Dr. Adolph Brown should be on every school's short list as a presenter and trainer. A 5- STAR information-packed presentation. Where have you been hiding? LOL

National Education Association