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To Instruct and Protect

The Mission Inn Resort was host to more than 500 people Tuesday who wanted to learn how they can better protect the children of their communities. The 2011 Child Protection Conference -- presented by the Lake County Shared Services Network -- partnered with many organizations countywide, such as the Lake County School Board, Lake County Commission and Lake County Sheriff's Office. All wanted to make sure attendees received as much information as possible.

Doc Brown inspires, motivates students

Adolph Brown, who goes by Doc Brown, had one message for the students of New Richmond Middle School and New Richmond High School on Thursday: Be your best. Brown, who considers himself an enthusiastic communicator, spoke to the students while in New Richmond. Later that night, he also discussed “Lessons in Uncommon Sense” with community members. The visit was sponsored by JA Counter and the New Richmond Area Community Foundation.

Building Families, Building Lives

Lynchburg, VA - Tuesday in Lynchburg, a powerful message was delivered to families about building families. About 300 people heard motivational speaker Dr. Adolph Brown, the Third. Brown mostly told his own story of how he turned his life of poverty into success. He wanted their attention and he got it. "I saw the two guys carrying him out and I was really unsure then of what was going on," said Edith Worley, a parent and attendee. It was all part of his plan. "I can teach anyone anything," Brown says, "once I get their attention."

"Arts Alive in Bay" Celebrating Those Involved in Bay District Schools

The Bay Education Foundation and Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union are proud to announce the performers featured in the inaugural Arts Alive event at Edgewater Beach Resort on April 1, 2011. All performers are students or employees of Bay District Schools who are donating their time and talent to raise money for visual and performing arts classrooms and Take Stock in Children scholarships.

Dr. Adolph Brown assists Tennessee Public Schools Race To The Top

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB)-- Registration is Wednesday for Hamilton County Schools, with the first day of classes to begin in one week.

Forum targets plight of black youth

NEWPORT NEWS — Motivational speaker Adolph Brown dressed incognito at the "Saving Our Children" forum, pretending to be a "thug." The youthful-looking Brown drew gasps from the audience when he revealed that he wasn't really a teenager wearing oversized clothes, a hat indoors and a do-rag. He stripped off his urban teen clothes to reveal an impeccable suit. A few minutes later, he put on a college graduation gown.

Bay District Schools Attack Bullying

Every 7 minutes a child is bullied at school, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Bay District Schools is taking that statistic seriously. They called in an expert with a different approach to deal with the growing problem. Dr. Adolph Brown- a motivational speaker, author, and master educator- is grabbing the attention of every middle and high school student in Bay County this week to talk about bullying through humor. Superintendent Bill Husfelt has seen it in our schools and wanted to find a way to reach out to students.

Bay County students learn a lesson on bullying

Panama City - Bullying has changed a lot since the days of one kid taking another's lunch money on the playground. Today, school bullying doesn't have to happen at school - instead, it often takes place in cyber space. He taught the students through song and dance how bullying can affect others, and how serious the issue is among students their age.