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Shelby County Schools thanks

Shelby County Schools thanks you for the inspiration. We're off to a great start this year because of your words. All the best and "...don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow..."-Kirbrina Carroll, Shadowlawn Middle School/7th Grade World Geography

recently saw you speak at the

recently saw you speak at the opening day for Marshall County schools. I applaud you for your inclusion and stories about your daughter, Dana. I have taught special education for 23 years. The resurgence of the "R" word in our student's and adult's daily language makes me crazy. I get picked on a lot about it both from the kids and my co-workers. I just believe that is one word that should no longer be in our vocabularies. I compare it to the "N" word in the level of offensiveness. Neither should be used. It is wrong no matter what! Give your daughter a pat on the back for her courage in dealing with people who use these words and keep fighting the good fight. In Christ, Donna

I was in attendance at the

I was in attendance at the talk you gave in Marshall County. Thank you so much for coming! You, by far, have been the best speaker we've had to inspire us for the beginning of the teaching year. I enjoyed you so much, and LOVE your t-shirt displaying the sex symbol. So right you are! We have taken Jesus out of the schools, and we are so sadly lacking His guidance as a country because of it. You made an impact on me, and I wanted you to know. I am praying for you and your family for continued success in your future endeavors. Thank you for the blessing, Amy Lepore

Unabashedly Uplifting! We

Unabashedly Uplifting! We were totally engrossed in the message you delivered. Best, James Hertford

Doc, I just wanted to say

Doc, I just wanted to say thank you for speaking again at our enrichment day July 21, 2011. I enjoyed every minute of the time you had with us. I am still laughing thinking about your daughter and the bully. I can picture it, priceless. I've taken other messages away from your speaking. I've weeded out some basement people from my life and added more balcony people. I feel much better for it. Dancing through the rain is a fantastic idea as well. I used to do it when I was younger but not as much as I got older. I think it's time to go and play in the rain again. The stories and theories from you and your grandfather were wonderful and very thought provoking. Thank you and thank you 10 times over. I think the way you present ideas and thoughts just seems to make them stick longer than being in a boring lecture.

Thanks for sharing your story

Thanks for sharing your story with our fifth grade students during their promotion ceremony in Norfolk. Many parents were awed by your presence. Your words of encouragement is what we as a people need to hear. You were extremely inspiring. AP @ P. B. Young ES

Thank you for going above and

Thank you for going above and beyond by doing the radio and television interview, on top of staying back to speak individually to our conference participants. Your non-stop "good natured-ness" was quite evident during your two day visit with us at the American Holistic Health Meeting. -Charles Mango, DO

Your comments to our students

Your comments to our students could not have been any better. Thank you for reaching our children. Bessie

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for encouraging my heart today .....I was the lady who spoke of the correlation of your cs with what the Rwanda Hotel gentleman said "It was just the right thing to do"...I felt I met a kindred spirit today ( Anne of Green Gables reference)..as you shared with me would love toshare a couple of other correlation quotes with you ...just let me know and God's Blessings on you and your ministry!!!! Patricia Butler, Ed.D.

You are the only keynoter to

You are the only keynoter to take us anywhere and everywhere. Awe-inspiring! Nona Jordan

I think someone like you was

I think someone like you was LONGGGGGG over due to visit Lake county FL and glad you did ! Your words were so encouraging and reminded me why teaching is soooooo passionate to me and many others =)Your Grandpa raised a fabulous man !

Thank you for such an

Thank you for such an inspirational visit at your conference today! Your words were inspiring and your humor filled me with joy! Thank you for giving me a learning experience.

Adolph is ahead of his time.

Adolph is ahead of his time. His messages can singularly improve America's educational systems 100%. It is a shame that society "does not know what it does not know." Godspeed on your mission and keep shining brightly. :Brandon Kaufman

You are OUTRAGEOUS! Your

You are OUTRAGEOUS! Your television show should be syndicated! I have never seen anyone better in stage or in movies. You really GOT IT man! - Steven Payne

When I heard you, I knew it

When I heard you, I knew it was a blessing to have the opportunity to listen to the very best. No one wanted you to conclude. I look forward to listening to the CDs and watching the DVD's I you autographed for me. Muchos bendiciones! Maria Garcia

Here it is 2 months after

Here it is 2 months after your incredibly engaging keynote address to our "hard to please" audience AND everyone is still buzzing! Please consider coming back for an encore part 2 presentation. God has truly gifted you to deliver powerful messages that last. ....Sincerely Ruth Peele

Genuinely inspirational and

Genuinely inspirational and powerfully moving! Thoroughly enjoyable. Hope to see you at Campfire next year. Joan

You are something else. I

You are something else. I had no idea I would learn as much as I did as a 60 year old adult woman. Sometimes, we do not know what we don't know. You challenged my belief system in so many ways. I thank you for the work you do. Godspeed! Jackie Scott

Adolph, you are so electric

Adolph, you are so electric and energetic; It is amazing how you are so in the moment. Looking forward to seeing you at our June meeting. -Katie C.



Adolph is hilarious and

Adolph is hilarious and genuine. He is a gifted speaker with a wondeful sense of humor in delivery of very powerful messages. After our extensive conversations, I found Adolph had failed so much that success was eventually a given.:-) He is a Modern day Healer...incredibly effective. Adolph is the Truth! His work had a fabulous impact on my life from the boardroom to the golf course. Unvconventional, yet a generous, funny and all around great guy. -karl P.

Come back to my town again,

Come back to my town again, you were great and inspiring to my classmates and the my school. Thanks Doc. :D

Doc, I have to say that the

Doc, I have to say that the hours of education and thought and love that has gone into your speeches have made a HUGE difference into society. I can tell you that after your presentation today at school, I didn't hear of the same stuff I was hearing on a regular basis. Also, the thing that shocked me most was definitely the face that all pants were pulled up. Your words have lifted lots of kids, and myself as a student of Hunter Huss High. I want to say thanks, and what your doing is great.

It truly was the best

It truly was the best conference I have ever attended in my entire educational career. Thank you for "having us look into the mirror as opposed to out of the window." —L. Oppenheimer

I was at the training

I was at the training 02-19-11 with EFS and I just want you to know that we really enjoyed your time you gave to us, what an awesome testimony you have and we are praying for you. I wish the rest of my staff could have beed there, looking forward to next year. I didn't have a chance to see if you had videos, would love to have even a copy of what you did yesterday. I mentioned you to our Bible Study class this morning and we have already begun praying that what you did yesterday has a lasting effect on my staff. Thank you so much. I don't usually reach out like this, but you touched my heart.-Rhonda Ray, Rainbow Academy

hello, i really enjoyed to

hello, i really enjoyed to day with you mr. brown. i have been in childcare for 20 years and was ready to end it. i am 56 year old and just competely my 2nd CDA and i work hard from pay check to pay check work less that 40 hour a week. but i love what i do. i am a single mother of two and a grandmother of five.today you gave me the left i needed to go on in this field because it is hard where i am.ii feel so much better with a smile on my face. mr. brown you keep doing what you are doing.God is walking with you.i will keep in touch with you. A Positive word from you help a lot of us in this field. i know you family is proud of you. mrs dorothy.

This was the best luncheon

This was the best luncheon ever. You are clearly head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you for taking a small opportunity to talk with my group at your table. You are just as personable and enthusiastic up close as you were on the stage. We appreciate your genuineness. Thank you for helping us turn our scars into stars just as you have. May your fitness and wellness club for at-risk youth and families continue to grow by leaps and bounds. We did not see a page to submit donations to your family’s efforts. Thank you for sharing the God in you. Gratefully, Mable Florez

Finally a speaker without a

Finally a speaker without a speech. You truly understand the concept of bullying. We believe as you do, there are a few gray areas on the issue of bullying. Your explanation of social intelligence was awesome. We thank you for giving us new and innovative methods to prevent and intervene with bullying. My husband and I most enjoyed your honesty on this subject matter. Best to you and yours. ONE LOVE! Dorothy and Anderson Kline

You left us thinking and

You left us thinking and laughing at Point O'View Elementary. We appreciate you and your message. PTA

You are so playful,

You are so playful, energetic, and real! Please come back to Ontario soon. Jena Barnes

You are super optimistic. I

You are super optimistic. I like that! Jay Massey

Spot on! You are an

Spot on! You are an intellectual can of Redbull!

One of the best received and

One of the best received and most thought-provoking session to ever grace our conference event stage. Kudos to you, what you do, and how you do it. -Walter P.

Thank you for making our

Thank you for making our students the stars of your presentation and leaving them with a light in their eyes. -Daniel Kim

Thanks for a rigorous and

Thanks for a rigorous and relevant workshop at the Florida School Boards Association. We were both engaged and challenged. I personally appreciated your innovative solutions designed to improve student outcomes, increase student achievement, and ensure college and career readiness. Best to you and your family.

It was so nice to hear

It was so nice to hear someone who is so beautiful inside and outside. I wish you all the success in the world eventhough you already achieved so many wonderful things. Kendra Murphy

Dr. Brown, I am a teacher at

Dr. Brown, I am a teacher at Floyd County High School. Today at school every teacher was talking about you , quoting something that you had said, sharing with the students some of what you had shared with us. Tonight at church fellow teachers were talking about Dr. Brown. Thank you for who you are and for sharing that with others. I am going to try to stay on the balcony this semester. -Connie Quesenberry

Every year we try to bring in

Every year we try to bring in a better speaker than the year before. After Dr. Brown, I’ve no idea what we're going to do for next year! It’s going to be extremely tough to top his performance and message. Is Doc Brown available on January 7, 2012? -Dale Barnes :-)


DON'T WAIT! He is unforgettable!...This was a quote I saw on one of your pages. I couldn't agree more. Dr. Brown, you have no idea how much I enjoyed your presentation. Words can not describe how powerful of a speaker you are. I only wish that everyone I know could have heard what I heard at the Richmond Convention Center. You really reached me on a personal level. My only regret is that I didn't bring a notebook and pen. From the awesome story of how you and your wife met, to your seven wonderful children, to all your stories of obstacles growing up, to the way you talked about your mother, I will never forget it. I've never seen anyone be in a room with young adults, students, teachers, officials, black people, white people, people of all nationalities, and still be able to talk to them all and everyone have the same understanding. It was like we all could relate to you in some form or fashion. I didn't mean to bite your ear off (eyes, considering your reading this). I know your in-box is full of messages just like mine from all over the world. With everything that I said, I basically just wanted to say THANK-YOU. PS May God continue to bless you and your family. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers! LiMary Cook Fredericksburg, Virginia

Unbelievable is the only word

Unbelievable is the only word I can think of to describe Dr. Brown. My husband and I watched a recorded presentation that he did for Godby High School in Leon County, Florida. My biggest regret was that there was so many empty seats in that auditorium. There are a lot of us that missed out on Dr. Brown's live performance! One minute I was laughing and the next I was crying. Dr. Brown has the ability to make you think he is talking directly to you! He is a phenominal speaker and do not miss an opportunity to listen to him speak. Take Care, Dawn Tallahassee, Florida


Doc is the MAN WITH THE PLAN. Go hear him speak ASAP.

AWESOME Speaker. You did an

AWESOME Speaker. You did an outstanding job. Doc you rock my socks off.

You were awesome doc. I was

You were awesome doc. I was so glad I got to hear you speak!

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Keep it coming, witrres, this is good stuff.
3/27/12 | 5:24
Thank you for being a solution~!
3/25/12 | 9:17
Your presentation at the Chamber of Commerce Dinner at the Lee Club on Ft Lee was everything I expected it would be! I am so fortunate to have your ideas in my head and heart, and I try to share them with young people anytime I get the chance. Please, please --- let's figure out a way to get you to the Heights to share your wit and wisdom! Thank you so much for your positive influence on all people :^D Abby Lynch
3/25/12 | 7:48
Dr. Brown, I really enjoyed the seminar presentation that you did today in San Francisco, you were awesome, you changed my views on stereotyping and I thank you! You are positively changing our world.
3/24/12 | 10:35
Dear Dr. Brown, You are the best thing that has happened for our students, staff, and parents in a very long time. John Lowe
3/07/12 | 7:22
Thank you for changing everything I thought I knew. I will never be the same.
3/04/12 | 4:50
Thanks for blending 'Heart' with Smarts! Nancy Xu
3/02/12 | 2:14
Thanks for the great time and upbeat informative presentation. Our staff can't decide if you remind them more of Wayne Brady or Flip Wilson. I personally think, a clean-cut Chris Rock. Smiles! You were wonderful.
2/29/12 | 8:53
You are by far the best service consultant the D&F Corporation has had in my thirty years. Everything from your message, information, and delivery clearly sets you apart. May God bless you and your family in abundance.
2/28/12 | 11:25
Brilliant from start to finish! We love your messages in Michigan. I have seen you 3X and you have always delivered. I never know what to expect from you! You do a wonderful job of informing while inspiring. I brought my husband out to hear you at the Technical Education conference and he was impressed - and that's hard to do. Thank you for not only being full of timely facts, but for also being fun! You are a Godsend and we thank Him for what you do and the way you do it. Joyce & Rae
2/22/12 | 11:43
Your message for our national YMCA conference was the best I have heard in 30 years! Thank you for understanding us, what we do, and where we need to be! John F.
2/21/12 | 1:38
You were amazing! I have never laughed and learned so much at the same time. When will you be returning to St. Lucie? May the Lord continue to richly bless you and your mission. Steve Hill
1/31/12 | 12:27
Thank you for Real Talk
1/24/12 | 1:42
Inspirational! Your seminars are capable of restoring our faith in one another. The journey you took us on was genuine and beautifully told. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and passion to human potential. -Chris Hyde
1/22/12 | 10:45
Doc it was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife this passed weekend. You are an awesome individual and great speaker. My twins really enjoyed listening to you as well as meeting you. Be Blessed.
1/18/12 | 3:47
Life Changing@! NJEA
1/16/12 | 11:03
Dr. King would be proud of your work. Thanks for making us laugh and learn. Paula Kemp
1/16/12 | 8:30
Thanks for telling me things I did not know. -Carl Richards
1/15/12 | 11:04
Wow! It was that kind of experience! Thank you for coming to New Jersey, but every state needs your message. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Sharon Coleman
1/15/12 | 8:16
Dr. brown, I have never been more proud of Old Dominion University's School of Educatiion than I am now for our dean bringing you in. You revealed so many of our blind-spots and empowered us to be great educators who inspire. Thank you for ensuring that we do not only teach content, but we must also teach CHILDREN! I can't wait to get into my classroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Taylor
1/05/12 | 5:00
12/30/11 | 9:38
Saw you for the 3rd time in Pasadena. Doc you never disappoint! Looking forward to the 4th! Call me a groupie. Kevin Blanchard, City Gov.
12/07/11 | 10:21
Dude! Your presentation really packs a punch! Thanks for the real life lessons. I see why you wear the boxing gloves in the piks! Sean K,
12/01/11 | 12:52
I don't know anyone who could wear the label "master teacher" more confidently than Adolph Brown. I have witnessed him deliver separate keynotes to school boards, faculty & staff, our community stake-holders, and even to our students. He swiftly encourages growth mindsets in all participants. He exposes many realities with good humor. I am indeed a fan of someone who is not just a talker, but one who can walk all that he talks. No comparison exists for what he does. God has gifted this man to "get it" with all groups. Thank you Sherri, Marla, and Alexis for working around our hectic and often frantic schedulling of these events. We know no one does it alone. Great teams are hard to find and Wellness International, LLC is certainly a stellar example of people coming together to make great things happen for others. Best, Wm Johnson, County School Board, Pasadena
11/30/11 | 9:05
Partnering with the Head & Heart team has been a phenomenal experience and one of the most impacting of my 30 years in public education. You guys are the Real McCoys. Dr. Brian presented an awesome best practices literature review, while Mrs. Tolley gave us 5 major points for effective teaching strategies with all chidren, and Doc Brown gave us funny with major research-based underlying messages for differentiated instruction. What a treat! Our district has significantly benefited from this partnership. School climate and culture have shifted (soared) in a more positive direction. Everyone has taken notice. Your diverse team is the epitome of what success in education looks like and practices. Thank you for role modeling excellence in your visits with us. -Henrietta Miller, School Improvement Specialist, Lincoln Park, Michigan
11/30/11 | 8:51
I concur with Dr. Frances. Doc B is always honest and gets straight to the point. However, I must say that his books are good, but not nearly as entertaining as he is in person. Jeffrey Turner
11/30/11 | 2:13
I thought your lecture in Seattle was a brilliantly funny bare knuckles presentation. This was the third time I have attended one of your talks and they have all been utterly practical and wittily informative. Thanks for the REAL TALK! Dr. Frances
11/30/11 | 2:09
recently attended Dr. Brown's presentation at Cal Univ. for counselors. I am both a school counselor and also a drug and alcohol counselor at a rehabilitation center. I absolutely loved Dr. Brown's presentation!I took away so many great things from this day. Things that I know and believe 100% but sometimes just need to be reminded of more often. Especially with the work in the drug and alcohol field, it is an emotionally draining job most of the time. I try very hard, to always remain positive, optimistic and be there for everyone, but it is a challenge at times. This was an uplifting day and I walked away with a reminder that this is what I was chosen to do and to do it to the best of my ability. Thank you for what you do and for the wonderful message that day!-Kelley Engle
11/18/11 | 4:23
Dr. Brown, I recently heard you speak and I took so many good things away from listening to you. Personally, I really connected with your "Apple in the Tree" philosophy and am going to share it with everyone I know. Also, I'm going to apply it to myself. Thank you so much for inspiring me to be a better person!!
11/08/11 | 2:13
AMAZING!!!!! It's been a long time since I've felt so inspired. You are such a gift to anyone fortunate enough to hear you speak. I feel honored to have gained some of your wisdom. I'm a fan!
11/05/11 | 5:45