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Your message for our national

Your message for our national YMCA conference was the best I have heard in 30 years! Thank you for understanding us, what we do, and where we need to be! John F.

You were amazing! I have

You were amazing! I have never laughed and learned so much at the same time. When will you be returning to St. Lucie? May the Lord continue to richly bless you and your mission. Steve Hill

Thank you for Real Talk

Thank you for Real Talk

Inspirational! Your seminars

Inspirational! Your seminars are capable of restoring our faith in one another. The journey you took us on was genuine and beautifully told. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and passion to human potential. -Chris Hyde

Doc it was a pleasure to meet

Doc it was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife this passed weekend. You are an awesome individual and great speaker. My twins really enjoyed listening to you as well as meeting you. Be Blessed.

Life Changing@! NJEA

Life Changing@! NJEA

Dr. King would be proud of

Dr. King would be proud of your work. Thanks for making us laugh and learn. Paula Kemp

Thanks for telling me things

Thanks for telling me things I did not know. -Carl Richards

Wow! It was that kind of

Wow! It was that kind of experience! Thank you for coming to New Jersey, but every state needs your message. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Sharon Coleman

Dr. brown, I have never been

Dr. brown, I have never been more proud of Old Dominion University's School of Educatiion than I am now for our dean bringing you in. You revealed so many of our blind-spots and empowered us to be great educators who inspire. Thank you for ensuring that we do not only teach content, but we must also teach CHILDREN! I can't wait to get into my classroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Taylor



Saw you for the 3rd time in

Saw you for the 3rd time in Pasadena. Doc you never disappoint! Looking forward to the 4th! Call me a groupie. Kevin Blanchard, City Gov.

Dude! Your presentation

Dude! Your presentation really packs a punch! Thanks for the real life lessons. I see why you wear the boxing gloves in the piks! Sean K,

I don't know anyone who could

I don't know anyone who could wear the label "master teacher" more confidently than Adolph Brown. I have witnessed him deliver separate keynotes to school boards, faculty & staff, our community stake-holders, and even to our students. He swiftly encourages growth mindsets in all participants. He exposes many realities with good humor. I am indeed a fan of someone who is not just a talker, but one who can walk all that he talks. No comparison exists for what he does. God has gifted this man to "get it" with all groups. Thank you Sherri, Marla, and Alexis for working around our hectic and often frantic schedulling of these events. We know no one does it alone. Great teams are hard to find and Wellness International, LLC is certainly a stellar example of people coming together to make great things happen for others. Best, Wm Johnson, County School Board, Pasadena

Partnering with the Head &

Partnering with the Head & Heart team has been a phenomenal experience and one of the most impacting of my 30 years in public education. You guys are the Real McCoys. Dr. Brian presented an awesome best practices literature review, while Mrs. Tolley gave us 5 major points for effective teaching strategies with all chidren, and Doc Brown gave us funny with major research-based underlying messages for differentiated instruction. What a treat! Our district has significantly benefited from this partnership. School climate and culture have shifted (soared) in a more positive direction. Everyone has taken notice. Your diverse team is the epitome of what success in education looks like and practices. Thank you for role modeling excellence in your visits with us. -Henrietta Miller, School Improvement Specialist, Lincoln Park, Michigan

I concur with Dr. Frances.

I concur with Dr. Frances. Doc B is always honest and gets straight to the point. However, I must say that his books are good, but not nearly as entertaining as he is in person. Jeffrey Turner

I thought your lecture in

I thought your lecture in Seattle was a brilliantly funny bare knuckles presentation. This was the third time I have attended one of your talks and they have all been utterly practical and wittily informative. Thanks for the REAL TALK! Dr. Frances

recently attended Dr. Brown's

recently attended Dr. Brown's presentation at Cal Univ. for counselors. I am both a school counselor and also a drug and alcohol counselor at a rehabilitation center. I absolutely loved Dr. Brown's presentation!I took away so many great things from this day. Things that I know and believe 100% but sometimes just need to be reminded of more often. Especially with the work in the drug and alcohol field, it is an emotionally draining job most of the time. I try very hard, to always remain positive, optimistic and be there for everyone, but it is a challenge at times. This was an uplifting day and I walked away with a reminder that this is what I was chosen to do and to do it to the best of my ability. Thank you for what you do and for the wonderful message that day!-Kelley Engle

Dr. Brown, I recently heard

Dr. Brown, I recently heard you speak and I took so many good things away from listening to you. Personally, I really connected with your "Apple in the Tree" philosophy and am going to share it with everyone I know. Also, I'm going to apply it to myself. Thank you so much for inspiring me to be a better person!!

AMAZING!!!!! It's been a long

AMAZING!!!!! It's been a long time since I've felt so inspired. You are such a gift to anyone fortunate enough to hear you speak. I feel honored to have gained some of your wisdom. I'm a fan!

Good Afternoon Dr. Brown,

Good Afternoon Dr. Brown, I am writing just to say thank you. I had the opportunity to hear you speak at the Florida Campus Compact Awards Gala at UCF last week. Coming from a student who has had the chance to attend multiple leadership conferences and hear many speakers, it is not often that I attend one and hear someone as genuine as you who is able to truly touch the lives of those who hear him. Also thought I'd share with you: I heard you speak on Thursday night. Saturday we had a family & friends carnival at my University...when I left my volunteer table to walk around a little bit, the few places I stopped at was a bracelet booth, where the first thing that came to mind to have engraved on the bracelet was "One Love." Keep sharing your story, you're making a difference. Thanks again and shine on, Tiffany

Real Talk was my best book

Real Talk was my best book buy of the month. A good and fun read. Sarah

I thought you were talking to

I thought you were talking to me when you spoke on "smiling through trials." It was just what I needed. Your wisdom opened my eyes again and cleared away my blind spots. Thank you Master Student! -Kara Rhodes

I have been working in sales

I have been working in sales for 40 years and I rarely come across someone with so much insight and inspiration. Your seminar was punctuated with so many "Wow" moments. -Shawn Mills

Thanks for giving me more

Thanks for giving me more than words. I admired your "real talk" in a politically-correct era Whereby the Truth is seldomly heard. Time with you was well spent...straight no chase. Monica, LBC

Thank you for role-modeling

Thank you for role-modeling differentiated learning strategies using your children as examples.  You helped us recognize each students' varying background knowledge, readiness, preferences in learning and interests. You also gave great amusing examples of how to react responsively through your interactions with us.  Thank you for the life and classroom lessons. -Notre Dame Teaching Excellence, Tina

you charmed and inspired us

you charmed and inspired us with a unique blend of knowledge and humor. Because of the overwhelming positive response we have already spoken to Sherri to book you again for our national conference. you were a wlecome change for our staff who are used to similar messages by similar presenters. -Seattle Youth & Families Initiative

Thank you for giving our

Thank you for giving our students and faculty members the tools to succeed. You're the BEST we have seen and heard. -Palm Springs, California

You certainly made an

You certainly made an impression on my kids and me, last night at John B. Dey. I woke up my sleepy 7-y.o. this morning with, "It's going to be..." and he mumbles (smiling) "...a great day!". My 5-y.o. also repeated your mother's words (with a little more awake enthusiasm). I am sorry my kids couldn't see your talk in the morning. I knew I definately wanted to bring my son when he asked me what a bully was and had he ever been bullied. I told him that knowledge is power, that's why we were going to learn about bullies. You were an encouraging breath of fresh air for me. I have now been a "domestic engineer" (stay-at-home-mom)since the birth of my first child. Although we (my husband and I) had to make adjustments, it was an easy decision becuase we also truly believe that it all starts at home. At times, parenting can be very frustrating, but it is the hardest job I have ever loved. I wish more people had the opportunity to hear you speak. If more people would listen to your experiences, trust in your expertise, and subsepuently follow your advice, we would be much closer to humankind! Sincerely, Carol (you signed one of your books for me--thanks!)

Just a quick 'thank you' for

Just a quick 'thank you' for speaking to us as we prepared for another year of instructing our amazing youth. You inspired us so, and I continue to remind myself of your words of wisdom. Unforgettable! Thanks mostly for your message of honoring God. God's grace allows us to do what we do and you to do what you do. My son had the privilege of hearing you at the middle school and was blessed by it. To be a kid these days who for the most part tries to do what honors God, it was refreshing for his values to be validated. Thanks so much for inspiring us to keep on keeping on! God bless you and your family and staff! Nancy Piercy

Dr. Brown, You visited our

Dr. Brown, You visited our school on September 13, 2011. We just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come speak to us on important life values. Many of us took a lot of what you said in and are working hard to better our lives. We just want to let you know that we appreciate you and want to thank you once again. Sincerely, Students of Park View High School

Hi Mr. Brown. Just wanted to

Hi Mr. Brown. Just wanted to say thanks for coming to Park View Middle School in VA. You are really insprirational. I am in the 8th grade also. Sincerly, Holden Sykes

I attended your presentation

I attended your presentation last night at Navasota. As a school board member, college professor and parent, I wanted to thank you so much for your presentation. I have told countless people today about how wonderful you were and directed them to your website. The best part was when I got home and was talking to my youngest daughter who attended you talk earlier in the day. Her comment was "it was the best assembly that we have ever had." Thanks again and keep up the great work. -Danny Kniffin, Navosta, Texas

Thank you Dr. Brown! Your

Thank you Dr. Brown! Your presentation for the Walled Lake Schools was amazing! You gave me so much to think about! You totally rock! Praise God for you!

I just wanted to tell you

I just wanted to tell you that you did an awesome job. I bought the books and tape. I think that this should be playing on the first day of school. I have been here for almost 2yrs. I taught in Houston and I have heard some great speakers, but you told the truth. I taught and substituted in the poor neighborhoods of Houston and that tape says it all. Keep up the good work. -Michelle Jackson, Saginaw

Dear Dr. Brown, Once again

Dear Dr. Brown, Once again after hearing your talk to all of us with Shelby County Schools, I could not get enough. I was so inspired. As I told you, I teach Sociology at Houston High School and after listening to you, I have revamped my "anti-bullying" unit. I begin it with the students today. Being so excited, I ordered several posters from your web-site and after completing the unit I am gong to have my students design their own....and creative they can be! We plan to laminate and give them to our middle school feeders. Sincerely, Kinta Noble Teacher Houston High School

Hi, Wow, wow, wow! I cannot

Hi, Wow, wow, wow! I cannot express how awesome and engaging you were today. Is there a DVD that includes your presentation today. I am also in the dance songs and routine. Thanks for the opportunity of meeting you, Karen Cohen

WOW!! Dr Brown you rock! I

WOW!! Dr Brown you rock! I work for the Walled Lake School District. You were so awesome this morning. You have been given "the gift" to motivate. We just loved you. It was so much fun. Thanks Dr. Brown kathleen schiller

Dr Brown. First of all I

Dr Brown. First of all I would like to say thank you for coming to the Walled Lake School District yesterday. Your methods, thoughts and delivery really went a long ways with many of us in the district. I do have one question for you. I know you have some of your seminars available for purchase but will you have the one from yesterday? You had many quotes/sayings that I would love to use in the future but I can not remember them all. I will look forward to hearing from you soon. Todd Negoshian

My son mentioned to me two

My son mentioned to me two years ago about an inspirational first day speaker who altered the course of his work and practice. He was so excited to hear that I was able to hear your presentation yesterday. Thanks so much for the smiles, the energy, the enthusiasm and the focus for our best year ever. And thanks for the dance.

Thank you so much helping me

Thank you so much helping me to be excited about teaching again! I went home and couldn't wait to share your message with my daughter (an aspiring teacher). I look forward to "My best year yet!" Your message will be with me for a long time to come! Teachers really can be the difference in a child's world! (Walled Lake Northern Presentation)

I thank you for today at

I thank you for today at Walled Lake Northern High School. You mirror my thinking and I am more motivated this year than even my first. We laughed, we cried, we danced. Teachers make all the difference. Thank you for an amazing first day! p.s. I was in the front row....hilarious and fun :)

Just a quick applaud to Dr.

Just a quick applaud to Dr. Brown from the balcony of Chase City Elementary! Dr. Brown, thank you for a wonderful, motivating start to a new school year. I left convocation feeling motivated and energized for my profession---one I feel so blessed to be a part of! Thank you again. -Christine Pennington, Mecklenburg County Public Schools

Today started out like most

Today started out like most others until I was brought to the attention of Dr. Adolph Brown. His entrance, message, advice, and exit were truly amazing. He certainly set the tone for our county's school year, and I appreciate his hard work in opening the eyes of educators, offering words of encouragment, and putting common sense, reality, and, above all, children first. His presentation was so uplifting, real, and extremely humorous! I look forward to hearing from him again. -Jennifer Benson, Mecklenburg County Public Schools Virginia

Dear Dr. Brown, Once again

Dear Dr. Brown, Once again after hearing your talk to all of us with Shelby County Schools, I could not get enough. I was so inspired. As I told you, I teach Sociology at Houston High School and after listening to you, I have revamped my "anti-bullying" unit. I begin it with the students today. Being so excited, I ordered several posters from your web-site and after completing the unit I am gong to have my students design their own....and creative they can be! We plan to laminate and give them to our middle school feeders. I am so excited and thank you. I did stop and think about what you said when I had one young man come in to class the first day of school with his pants "way, way" to low and wearing what I call shower shoes. As I have gotten to know him the pants are a little higher and no shower shoes. All of this without me advising him he was breaking the dress code. He knew this and didn't need me to tell him the first day. In past years I would have and now realize what I have missed. This is year #31 in the public school classroom, from New Mexico, Virgina and now Tennessee, you think I would have known! P.S. We have lots of cat fish and barbecue! Sincerely, Kinta Noble Teacher Houston High School

Hey Dr. Brown! I hope this

Hey Dr. Brown! I hope this email finds you and your family well!!! Just writing to make sure that you received the shirts? If not, I will need to make it down to the post office and find out... Take care of yourself and continue to sit large on the balcony! Take care!!! Kelly

Dr. Brown I first want to let

Dr. Brown I first want to let you know I saw you on the Sunday show, The Bottom Line, this pass weekend. I am a retired educator having rendered 32.8 years of dedicated service. You are so right when you say "Teachers Make A Difference". -Regina Long Southall

I saw Dr. Brown last October

I saw Dr. Brown last October in South Bend, Indiana. In 25 yrs. working in public education, I have seen few speakers that are able to deliver a message as effectively as Dr. Brown. He inspired and has influenced the course of our staff development in the area of social emotional learning and building relationships with the children and families that we work with. Earlier this week I ordered two of Dr. Brown's videos. I was going to pay for expedited delivery, but it was not an option. I'm wondering if you can tell me how long it typically takes for products to ship to the chicagoland area? Thank you very much and thank you again to Dr. Brown for his insights last October. Todd McDaniel

Hello....THANK YOU for coming

Hello....THANK YOU for coming back to Leesburg Fl. What a special gift to be able to share your incredible family!!! Attended your presentation last spring and again last week. Just wanted to you to know how your passion touched my heart. Cannot wait until you return to embrace this entire community. REAL TALK!!!! I have been in the education business for many years ...teacher, counselor (elementary, middle & high school) college admissions officer! Please continue your journey to help every educator you reach to grow and embrace your message. Where can I find your research on reactive attachment issues? Again....THANK YOU! With heartfelt regards, Linda Williams Counselor, Leesburg Elementary School williamsl1@lake.k12.Fl.us

Leesburg High School, Lake

Leesburg High School, Lake County Florida: Absolutely the best presentation I have ever seen. Very uplifting, educational and entertaining. You are a blessing and we have been blessed!

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Doctor Brown, I can't say enough about not only how you inspired me tonight, but about how positive and encouraging you are. I would like to email you, if that's possible, with my thoughts on your book I purchased tonight and with all of the things I wanted to say, but didn't have the courage to say. Please email me or call me, so that I can be in touch. I aspire to be you one say: making a difference, and loving every minute of it. Please and thank you! Organization Name: Potomac State College "Doc Speaks" event -Ashley Parker
8/30/14 | 10:57
After opening day in Rochester I came home and told my family about you. I actually repeated several pieces of wisdom u shared (and some jokes too)! Today my 14 year old son and I were talking/joking while playing a game and he said, I kid you not, "take it seriously but not personally". Pretty incredible what sticks!! Then my husband came home and sounded a bit like u..told me he downloaded a you tube of you speaking while working out. Not sure "thank you" is enough but the difference you made in our lives already is exponential...I'm already happy every waking morning and like to dance-watch out!!! Best, Erika Lusky
8/28/14 | 6:05
Dr Brown.,my name is Vicki Morgan I just eanted to let you know how much I enjoyed hearing you speak today at the Newton county meeting I work in food service have been there for 10 years I wish they would bring you back for our inservice meetings you are very straight forward and that's what we needed to hear and that smile of yours just lit up the sanctuary and I could feel your spirit just wanted to thank you for speaking today Vicki Morgan
7/30/14 | 11:23
Thank You for a POWERFUL message yesturday. I have been with NEwton Co School System for 8 year and have worked with children for 11. I'm going to keep it real with you I was starting to go down to the basement. I was getting burned out and this pasted year i wAs............... Where do I even begin..... I'll just say but don't judge my by my entrance but by my exit!!! I feel like I have a new lease on life and just want to thank you for opening my eyes!!!! I am in the balcony!!!!!!!!!!!! And vow to stay there!!!!! -Michelle W.M.
7/30/14 | 11:22
Dr. Brown, I need to tell you thank you. I sat through your session today with Newton County School System and what you said..... I needed to hear! I don't mean only in my classroom, school, or system, IN MY HEART AND LIFE! I endured one of the hardest years of my life last school year. My husband and I endured 2 adoption failures, and coming back to school meant facing all those fears head on! Twice last year I left school so excited to be a mom only to return empty. I was absent the last week and a half of school to pick up our baby....again failure. I feel like my life last year was failure, which wasn't fair to my students! This year you have renewed and revived me. God spoke through you to me today in ways I cannot even put into words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a better person for having been in your presence today! Thank you for being a vessel that God used to change my life! A new course was set for me today! I am in the balcony and I am never coming back down! May God continue to richly bless each and everything you do! With Utmost Gratitude, Stephanie Stonek Paraprofessional Newton County Schools
7/30/14 | 11:22
Thank you Dr. Brown for such an awesome presentation! I enjoyed every second of listening to you. You captivated me with humor, weaving your life story and your philosophy on how we can as teachers can bring about positive changes in our students by developing relationships with them. It was masterful! I left with a greater invigoration for teaching, and I owe all to you. Thank you for answering your calling to empower teachers to empower students. I am so grateful for everything I learned. Well done! Jonda Ward
7/24/14 | 10:39
I was in the audience yesterday when Dr. Brown spoke to the Henry County School District administrators and new teachers. I, too, am a graduate of William and Mary - graduated in 1984 with degrees in Psychology and Sociology. Just wanted to say "Go Tribe" to a fellow Virginian! We very much enjoyed your presentation. Valerie Suessmith
7/24/14 | 10:38
Adolph was great on and off stage. His generosity after stepping off the stage was hugely appreciated. His talk was funny and tied-in beautifully to the content. The customization was AWESOME! It was the first time everyone said they took something away. HOMERUN!!!! Paul Prince, Citibank
7/06/14 | 8:34
Dr. Brown is a leader worth following. Bob Simon
7/05/14 | 9:24
Thank you for your uplifting and insightful, yet thought-provoking presentation. You are the best I have ever seen. Your entire presentation (from t start to conclusion) was enchanting! Barbara Harris, AT&T
7/05/14 | 2:24
Dr. Brown's contribution to the Customer Service Experience & Leadership Symposia was "the talk" of the three days. "Doc" Brown was everything they could have hoped for and more -- charming, warm, effusive, engaging. He was so wonderful to work with. The Q & A segment was executed brilliantly with an intelligent & honest dialogue. -- Customer Service Corporation
6/24/14 | 7:50
I watched Dr.Adolf Brown in amazement! I'll never present like that. But it's good to be reminded every now and again what genius looks like. (Henry Cobb, Canada)
6/20/14 | 11:40
Dr. Brown delivered his message with such humility, poise, and clarity. Our audience was inspired and moved by the precision of his content and interwoven stories. I know that hundreds of educators and administrators in Utah and around the globe were positively impacted by his presence. Utah Elementary School Administrators
6/16/14 | 3:25
Talking with you on the flight to Seattle was inspiring the other day. Although I have never heard you speak, I can attest to how you made me feel as an individual. Thank you for your positive energy, encouraging words and genuine persona. Please do keep my business card should I ever be of assistance to you and yours. Brad Lomand
6/04/14 | 12:34
Doctor Brown was the best presenter we have ever had at our conference. I found him to be intelligent, witty, brilliantly funny, and genuine. Thanks for the encouragement! Betty Sykes
5/27/14 | 8:11
Sir, thank you for your insightful presentation at the National Small Businesses Summit. Your comments were right on target. I loved your "flat" platform of an America with "flat abs, a flat tax, NO flat out lies, more flat screens, and flat shipping rates!" Keep informing and inspiring. There is so much truth in your messages. 'REAL TALK!" Karl Reisser
5/22/14 | 7:55
Thank you for not mincing words about "leadership." This was the best conference session I have attended in years! MaryAnn Gallagher
5/14/14 | 11:15
HELLO!!! Dr. Brown was such a pleasure to meet… everyone who was in the audience was educated to the xenophobia that is ours, particularly if “they” don’t look like “us!” His energy and accomplishments are to be admired and emulated. If there was one take-away for me, I would have to say that the phone call he made to the “doctor” on the other end and how it started with the smell of marijuana on a student… …and to think he did not give up on him, who eventually became a PhD himself spoke volumes to the hope that educators should have and can instill. We don’t usually see the finished product, but in this case, to see that individual self-actualize is amazing – all because someone believed in and motivated him!! WOW!! …as Dr. Brown shared his personal story and tragedy, it resonated with the audience, and especially me….coming from a high school dropout, with heroin in my veins and hepatitis C, I too have earned a “real PhD” (brick and mortar school – University of Dayton) with the help and grace of the Good Lord and perseverance (“grit”). …I think I do a good job in inspiring minorities and challenging them to fulfill their destiny… I will never know the depth of those successes, but mine is not to “wonder why, only to try…” I do so hope that Dr. Brown will be invited back to speak at the fall conference at Sinclair and motivate ALL the SCC personnel to better assist and retain minorities, as well as all other students. Tell Dr. Brown I said, “Keep up the good works!” Sincerely, Marc Professor Marc A. Smith, Ph.D. Biology Department, Room #3011 Sinclair Community College
3/25/14 | 1:17
As a person in the professional world I say thank you to Dr. Brown and I know I speak on behalf of all of my co-workers and the NSWC Federal Credit Union that we greatly appreciated all the insight and everything about the evening was lovely. As a person who shares faith convictions with Dr. Brown I say that I was inspired tremendously as a young person to see an adult man present himself in a way that is inspiring for young men to rise up to the challenge of being positive and in this case Godly influences in every area of their lives. The truth that was shared is from the beginning and if we commit to it I believe we can over-come as was presented by Dr. Brown I’d be glad to stay in touch and it would be a true honor to hear from Dr. Brown again someday in whatever way. Sincerely, Jason M. Skaggs
3/25/14 | 1:15
You are an onstage luminosity~INCOMPARABLE! -George Marsh
2/27/14 | 12:51
Hey Doc, This is your bucket filler @Lynn University. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful speech. Personally, every time you speak at Lynn it fills my sails with wind. Afterward, try more, do more, I and accomplish more. David Lewis
2/18/14 | 7:55
Only a handful of people can actually do what he does. Thank you for the miracle. David Kay
2/03/14 | 10:03
Thank you for making a huge positive impact on our organization. It is still being felt. Respectfully, Cora Thompson, Nathan's Famous
2/02/14 | 9:55
Spot ON! ABSOLUTELY loved his delivery: he was funny, witty, very sure of himself, but most of all it was his charisma, knowledge base, and energy that hooked me from the very start. I just loved the way I felt when I was listening to Dr. Brown talk. I found that as his energy and excitement increased, so did mine. After the talk, I decided to chat with him at his books display. He was even better 1:1. I am hooked. Stephen & Frances Clarke.
1/30/14 | 12:29
Extremely encouraging and empowering talk given in SC. Our community needed it! Please get a copy of our newspaper to read comments and editorials about your talk. it was well-received by young, old, rural, urban, etc. Keep encouraging and empowering around LOVE! -Felicia & Marcus Bishop
1/22/14 | 7:32
He is an uncommon scholar!..THOROUGHLY ENJOYED & LEARNED! -Joshua Talbert
1/07/14 | 5:30
Yes, this guy was a RARE find! He was explosively funny while providing golden nugget take-aways. It was extremely satisfying to have a consultant exceed our expectations. We are hoping he has a Part 2 as Dr. Brown's message is vital to our organization. Just a wonderfully fresh and original talk. He assures that his information will be remembered. I'm totally inspired. -Tom Peters
11/27/13 | 9:03
I agree with the comments left here. I am now a BIG FAN! It was a delightful & hilarious presentation. I've literally been to countless talks by "so-called" gurus and motivational speakers. Doc Brown presented himself as neither. He was the most "down-to-earth" yet sophisticatedly polished professional I have ever seen. I understand he does not market his services, which is probably a good thing since he has such a large family. If Hollywood got just a tiny glimpse of this man, he would be the World's Next Biggest Thing. His dynamite talk transformed nearly everyone in attendance. Thank you for leading from the "head & heart" while showing & encouraging us to do the same. Blessings to your mission! _Cheryl Andersen
11/27/13 | 8:57
OMG! SEE HIM! It was by far the most gripping and brilliantly entertaining talk I have ever heard or seen. It was a sincere tribute to our service professionals. We learned so much while laughing our heads off. Make sure you make the effort to find out about Dr. Adolph Brown. Your're going to like it. A Lot! Karen Phillips
11/27/13 | 8:49
Thank you for keeping our company well-equipped, well-informed & well updated! Joshua Smalls
11/26/13 | 3:05