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Pure Genius! I am a fan!!!!!

Pure Genius! I am a fan!!!!! -Peter Castellazzo

You gave an excellent talk

You gave an excellent talk this evening. In fact, it was the best my wife and I have ever heard at these events. It was full of humor mixed with the message that we need to male education more individualized and personal, rather than standardized and generic. Thanks for having the courage to offer "Real Talk!" -Gabran Braunstein

OMG! You were so much more

OMG! You were so much more than I anticipated after a very long day. You are an unshakable optimist and I appreciate your openness, tolerance and compassion for ALL. -Adina Silverstein

After hearing so much about

After hearing so much about you, I sat in the conference center like a child full of anticipation and expectancy. You did not disappoint! Our staff is still bonded by the memories of your visit. You made us better people! Joshua Belvins

I agree wholeheartedly with

I agree wholeheartedly with Bill and Sarah. I normally do not care to write anything after hearing speakers, but this guy was amazing. I used the university program to find his information to learn more about him. I have never heard a speaker with a profound message for every demographic in the audience. Wow! -Norma Bernstein

Dr. Brown was our son's 2013

Dr. Brown was our son's 2013 Commencement speaker. He made us laugh, he made us cry, but most importantly, he made us think! Dr. Brown eloquently tackled perhaps the most pressing issues of the younger generation–technology and social networking–and how it affects experience and interactions, confronted human mortality, and highlighted what is most important and meaningful about being human. It wasn't a speech, it was more of a conversation with a sage. Please thank him for such a candid, relevant and impacting talk. Drs. Robert & Sarah Meeks

We just love Adolph. He's

We just love Adolph. He's such a giver and we have learned so much from just a few of his gifts. Thanks for leaving a few of your books. Very seldom do you read a book that truly delivers what the title promises your books are such books. Blackhawk Technical College Janesville, Wisconsin

Thank you, thank you, thank

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed new ways to connect with my students. You re-ignited my passion to educate. Your disarmingly composed manner provides a great role model for teaching excellence. Hope Mitchell Long Beach, California

Adolph knows how to bring out

Adolph knows how to bring out the best in people. His skill for providing nuts and bolts to audiences is apparent the moment he picks up a microphone. You left the crowd buzzing with high energy and excitement. Kevin Finch, President Critical Issues in Leadership Conference North Central Region

As someone who can be fairly

As someone who can be fairly cynical about speakers, I raucously cheered you. You shared an amazing message of hope. It is obvious that you are quite the problem-solver and troubleshooter. You turbo-charged our meeting. We loved your energy and passion. Thank you for showing us how laughter and love of life remains through any trial. Simply great! Susie Dudley, Director HR NYC

The students really hear and

The students really hear and listen to your messages. You have a gift for what you do. You captivated us ALL. It was money and time well spent. I recommend that ALL students and educators in America make the opportunity to hear your richly detailed presentations. We are honored you were able to fit us into your schedule. Pinellas County Schools Pinellas Co., Florida

2 Days wasn't nearly enough

2 Days wasn't nearly enough time to absorb the wealth and breath of knowledge you imparted. I have NEVER seen our staff so excited to attend 2 days of lecture. We apologize for the increase of participants on day 2, it appears that the good news of your arrival spread quickly. We look forward to seeing you again later this year. It was time and resources well spent. Nottingham Cambridgeshire, England

Doc's megawatt smile is

Doc's megawatt smile is infectious. He was like steroids for the attitudes of our students and faculty. His visit was a truly heartwarming experience for all. Thanks for raising the bar. Livingstone College Administration

You were exceptional with our

You were exceptional with our staff However you were amazing with our students. After visiting your website, I discovered you were a Master Educator. You certainly embody it! Many felt that they learned and observed more about teaching and learning in the 3 hours spent with you than the four years of formal post secondary education. I will be spreading the word about you! Seattle will never be the same. John Hines

You are always the highlight

You are always the highlight of our conference. Thank you for always displaying a gracious attitude to our behind the scenes team. You and your folks are awesome to work with as well. I look forward to Part V at next year's Excellence in Customer Service Conference. katie Newman

Simply amazing! Your content

Simply amazing! Your content was brilliant and your delivery was fantastic. Rhonda Sears

I would like to thank Dr.

I would like to thank Dr. Adolph Brown III for the talk last night @ Bayside Middle School Orientation, it really set a example for my daughter and she was very excited for meeting him last night and on top of that wearing his cap and gown @ the end..... THANK YOU Kristy Banks Emani Banks

Not just professional

Not just professional development but professional development with Dr. Adolph Brown. Totally AWESOME! -Craig Thompson

Thank you for the fabulous

Thank you for the fabulous presentation today at the DeSoto ISD meeting for secondary teachers! I am in the process of making an online professional development training video on classroom management for a major university here in Texas and I appreciated your enthusiasm, honesty, and reinforcement that I am doing the right thing as a teacher and a mentor. You were exactly what DeSoto needed today! I have been in this district for 27 years and continue to love my job and my kids every single day. I get discouraged when I am around other teachers who do not feel the same way. Thank you for your "REAL TALK". -Beth Wright

I attended Doc's

I attended Doc's presentationtoday at Red Oak High School in Red Oak, TX. I was impressed not only with his marvelous message and presentation methods, but also by the fact that he made a point to show appreciation for some of the least recognized individuals in the district. -Wendy Syfrett

Spoke to you once; heard you

Spoke to you once; heard you present twice and LOVED it!! I hope to follow your footsteps one day!

The Real Deal!

The Real Deal!

Dr. Brown, I was at your

Dr. Brown, I was at your presentation today in St. Lucie County, FL. My colleagues and I were blown away by your enthusiasm and "balcony" personality. I'm looking forward to a rewarding school year and to out all my students in the wheel barrel! Thanks for pumping us up!!

I had the pleasure of

I had the pleasure of attending one of your "speaking engagements" with the Saint Lucie County school district today. Of course, it was so much more than just a speaking engagement! I am a first year teacher and a career changer. I had my daughter at 18 years old and entered the workforce full-time when she was one year old. I was a single mom for seven years before I met my husband. Many thought I would be a statistic, but I stayed the course and earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English by attending part-time classes year-round for eight years! It felt incredible to finish! This year, I enrolled in Indian River State College's educator preparation institute, an educational program that helps non-education degree holders to become highly qualified teachers. I have one class left in the fall and passed my K-6 subject area and general knowledge exams this summer which allowed me to obtain my temporary teaching certificate and secure a teaching job! My daughter is now 17 years old and an International Baccalaureate student at my high school alma mater! Not only did I not become a statistic, but I am excelling and passing my love for learning along to my daughter. I hope to also do that for my students. Your presentation SPOKE to me in a BIG way! I have every intention of being a "balcony" person and teacher! I KNOW that every person and child can achieve anything they dare to dream with hard work and perseverance. Thank you so much for the great work you do and for showing the world that anything is possible. Thank you for being so inspiring and representing strong values. Your presentation reaffirmed for me that education is where I belong and I am ready to be part of the mission! Thanks to your family for sharing you will all of us as well :)!!!

We had a grand time at ODU on

We had a grand time at ODU on Sunday! Thank you for having such an Original voice! I have not heard or seen anyone like you in education. I laughed as much as you made me think! You were equally effective in bridging the cultural divide. I also appreciated your Heroic self-disclosure. Doc educates! Genuine authentic personality ...conscious force in America. Socially conscious humor. - Brian Knight, Education Coordinator

You are a truth teller!

You are a truth teller!

Adolph, you have this thing

Adolph, you have this thing that allows you to be your authentic self. Time with you was well spent. Patricia Collins

Thanks for filling in some

Thanks for filling in some small but important gaps

I agree with Sam & John.

I agree with Sam & John. Your presentation was the conference highlight! Thank you for making your talk about US. We left feeling appreciated and smarter as a result. Have a great summer and enjoy your family. Brenda Bowles

I wish to thank you for the

I wish to thank you for the facts at the Vision 2020. So often presenters are selling their new innovative products via keynote talks and you delivered the facts. I look forward to hearing you again and I enjoyed perusing your website. John Mayers

Thanks for a heartwarming and

Thanks for a heartwarming and informative session at Vision 2020. You are as impressive as your credentials. Sam Kay

Your student presentations

Your student presentations are a great demonstration of classroom management and an excellent example of the "model classroom." We were all touched by your gifts to zero in on our most challenging students in a gymnasium of 5,000+ students. It was an awesome undertaking to observe you in action. Thank you for your message to our staff, our students, and the parents. I can honestly say ww are ALL now finally on the same page. -Stephen Remley

at my job meeting saurday may

at my job meeting saurday may 19,2012 for the first time in ten years ive been with the Y i really enjoyed the meeting listening to doc brown in real talk,talking about real life situations i understood exactly where he was coming from. I really had something to grasp on I was mesmorized by his speech,it really couldnt get no better then him from Dr.Phil,Oprah,or Montel Dr.Brown out done all of them I really feel it came from his own experience that made me believe in him...I now look for apples that has to look up to me.... CJONES(YMCA of Greater St.Pete)

Thank you for NOT being

Thank you for NOT being afraid to tell the truth. REAL TALK! Dan Kuniak

Good Day, First, I would

Good Day, First, I would like to thank you for what you do. Thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me to see what I do differently. You have given me new tools to till the hearts and minds of the children I see Monday thru Friday. For that, I am extremely grateful. Never have I had the opportunity to see a Dean, a professor, a Doc- all in one, make a points the way you do. I believe as you do - "Love 'em or Lose 'em." Phrases that stand out in my mind a lot differently and a lot more vividly. Thank You! Fayth Thomas

Yor presentation today in

Yor presentation today in Florida was amazing,it was great to hear you speak.

Entertaining, yet plenty

Entertaining, yet plenty useful! Thank you!~ Charles Wright

You are awesome, so funny and

You are awesome, so funny and down to earth. Thanks for taking time to speak to the little people.

That's the perefct insight in

That's the perefct insight in a thread like this.

Dr. Adolph Brown III spoke at

Dr. Adolph Brown III spoke at the Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce 63rd Annual Dinner meeting on March 22, 2012. His message to the group of 280 business, school, and government leaders was inspiring, entertaining, and fun. Adolph has a gift for telling profound truths in a way that any one can understand. He uses his talents for communicating and teaching to bring a very important message that resonates with with his listeners and needs to be heard over and over again. If you ever have the opportunity to secure Dr. Brown for your school system, your corporation, your organization; I would strongly encourage you to do so. You will be impressed 100% from start to finish with what he and his organization bring to you. Sincerely, Roger M. Green Colonial Heights (Virginia)Chamber of Commerce. 804 526 5872

Keep it coming, witrres, this

Keep it coming, witrres, this is good stuff.

Thank you for being a

Thank you for being a solution~!

Your presentation at the

Your presentation at the Chamber of Commerce Dinner at the Lee Club on Ft Lee was everything I expected it would be! I am so fortunate to have your ideas in my head and heart, and I try to share them with young people anytime I get the chance. Please, please --- let's figure out a way to get you to the Heights to share your wit and wisdom! Thank you so much for your positive influence on all people :^D Abby Lynch

Dr. Brown, I really enjoyed

Dr. Brown, I really enjoyed the seminar presentation that you did today in San Francisco, you were awesome, you changed my views on stereotyping and I thank you! You are positively changing our world.

Dear Dr. Brown, You are the

Dear Dr. Brown, You are the best thing that has happened for our students, staff, and parents in a very long time. John Lowe

Thank you for changing

Thank you for changing everything I thought I knew. I will never be the same.

Thanks for blending 'Heart'

Thanks for blending 'Heart' with Smarts! Nancy Xu

Thanks for the great time and

Thanks for the great time and upbeat informative presentation. Our staff can't decide if you remind them more of Wayne Brady or Flip Wilson. I personally think, a clean-cut Chris Rock. Smiles! You were wonderful.

You are by far the best

You are by far the best service consultant the D&F Corporation has had in my thirty years. Everything from your message, information, and delivery clearly sets you apart. May God bless you and your family in abundance.

Brilliant from start to

Brilliant from start to finish! We love your messages in Michigan. I have seen you 3X and you have always delivered. I never know what to expect from you! You do a wonderful job of informing while inspiring. I brought my husband out to hear you at the Technical Education conference and he was impressed - and that's hard to do. Thank you for not only being full of timely facts, but for also being fun! You are a Godsend and we thank Him for what you do and the way you do it. Joyce & Rae

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I needed to LAUGH OUT LOUD today. Thank you for your astonishingly funny and daring presentation. I laughed and learned more from you than I have throughout all of my career. I am a fan! Allison Neumaler
5/05/15 | 8:17
Dr. Brown is the most consistently entertaining keynote speaker I've ever heard. He challenges "ism's" in our society in a direct but respectful way. Everyone I spoke to afterwards agrees that he is singularly the most outrageously entertaining and educating they have ever seen as well. Carol Travers
5/05/15 | 8:13
Doc Brown is the most articulate, intriguing, provoking, hilarious, and exhilarating presenter I've ever seen in my 40+ years of attending PDs. Todd Graham
5/05/15 | 8:09
Just wanted to let Dr. Brown know how much I appreciated his assembly with our students here at Franklin-Simpson High School. His message was so sincere, and I felt that our students really listened and believed that he cared about them. His entire message was SO appropriate for our kids. I hope they remember every word of advice and encouragement to get them through touch choices they will have to make! Organization Name: Franklin-SImpson High School, Sandy Mefford
4/29/15 | 9:28
One heck of a nice guy! Thanks for all you do to inspire so many. -John Hamlin, Texas
3/24/15 | 11:02
Your rousing speeches bring people together. Thank you for spreading, teaching, and modeling L-O-V-E! - Frank Aden
1/28/15 | 2:00
Adolph is really a "Sit-down" comic with humor, positive energy, enthusiasm and an ability to relate. His passion comes through. Melissa Carmen
1/15/15 | 5:12
I go to his presentations every time he comes to my area and it never gets old. I love how he stays on top of what's going on in world news and research. It separates him from a lot of other presenters. -Ralph Jackson
1/14/15 | 2:19
Extraordinary Leader! Looking forward to your upcoming tour. Brian Rouse
1/05/15 | 12:46
Adolph is combination professor, inspirational speaker, stand-up comic, karaoke hostess, preacher, & scholar. And he is never less than captivating, whether dispensing knowledge or making wise cracks. MariAnn Kraus
12/16/14 | 12:14
No One Does IT Better! REAL TALK! Katie Blizzard
12/15/14 | 1:17
A very informative, measured & thoughtful presenter. Best I've seen or heard in 40 years, Kudos to a job well done. Joy Hodge
12/13/14 | 5:53
Funny and poignant presentation. During my book signing, I found Doc Brown to be one of the best and wittiest conversationalists I've ever encountered. Thanks for the peek behind the curtains of your family. I so enjoyed your entertaining monologue of the complex characters and the nuances of everyday life. Henry Hughes
11/25/14 | 10:43
Funny and poignant presentation. During my book signing, I found Doc Brown to be one of the best and wittiest conversationalists I've ever encountered. Thanks for the peek behind the curtains of your family. I so enjoyed your entraining monologue of the complex characters and the nuances of everyday life. Henry Hughes
11/25/14 | 10:43
Thank you for the short, sweet and savy talk. Your unconventional style was captivating and certainly put us ahead if the pack. Fay Dalton
10/25/14 | 7:04
Doc stands out above your run of the mill speakers. Best I've heard in 30 years in corporate America. REAL TALK! I will keep displaying Championship Habits. Your grandad, mom, and aunt were great role models. Alfred Cox
10/25/14 | 3:50
OMG! You will be blown away! Jessica Hines
10/25/14 | 3:28
I have nominated Dr. Brown to speak at TED. http://www.ted.com/ As an educator, this seems like the biggest national platform and educators all over the US watch videos of speakers. I have seen Dr. Brown speak in Norfolk, VA (either in 2009, or 2010). I am now an instructor at a college in the US Territory of the Northern Marianas Islands. I use videos of Dr. Brown's presentations to my students who will become future teachers. I deeply believe in building relationships between educators and students. My actual address is in Saipan, MP 96950 but you do not have that on your list, so I put down the address of my family in WV. -Cherrie Lovejoy
10/25/14 | 10:01
Whatever you said at the school assembly really worked for my son. He has turned over a new leaf. I thought I would email you right after the event, but I wanted to give it a while to see if it stuck. It has been 2 months and Brian still does the things you instructed. I went on-line and saw some of your videos and I see why you connect so well. You are truly blessed with gifts to positively help others change for the better. I told his school principal, counselor, and his therapist about your impact. Ironically, the therapist has been in your professional trainings. You do a bunch!!!! Keep up the Godly work! Margie Copeland, Ga
10/25/14 | 9:33
Hey, My name is Daunte Everett, I am a college basketball player, who is currently 18 years old and I graduated at 16. I just wanted to say, first and foremost, thank you for giving me the push because I almost and contemplated quitting, because I got cut from my last two junior college teams of being a walk-on . I had to take responsibility and got better with my personal, performance. Because of you, I transformed myself and about to be on scholarship at a D1 school when I graduate from junior college this summer. So thank you for helping me to better myself and improving, inspired me to right a book only not about my life, what I been through but about what to takes not only to get success, but keep it when you get it. The motivation, dedication and inspiration, I appreciate it and want to make myself a reflection of what and who you all are and represent. I've looked to yall as mentors and was wondering, if you could possibly want to check out, read the book when it'll be published in November, the editing will be done in a few weeks and was wondering, if I could send you a copy please. it would mean alot - Daunte Everett
9/30/14 | 7:56
I really enjoyed your recent "Real Talks." I wish EVERYONE would listenlto your message! I think if ALL those in leadership positions would look around and see all of the balcony people around them, and see how those people have made it to AND remained in the balcony, then they would stop trying to drag us down to the basement. ‪#‎real talk‬ - Katherine Leigh Carter
9/27/14 | 6:10
Thank you for an awesome message today. I am so glad my 16 year old daughter and her two teenage male friends joined us at church today. ‪#‎applesattheverytopofthetree‬. God bless. - Shannon K Sparks
9/27/14 | 6:09
Thank You for coming to Potomac State this afternoon. As a young single mom deciding to leave my son and return to college was hard. With the help from my family I am able to do so with piece of mind. But, yet and still I get discouraged. Thank you for letting me know that its worth it and assuring me that it will get hard but it can be done. I pray God continues to bless you and your family. Thank You -Na'Tausha Elizabeth
9/27/14 | 6:09
As trustee I will push for educators to become master teachers. This will ensure a greater possibility for student success and teacher effectiveness. -Albert Evans
9/27/14 | 6:08
Truly enjoyed listening to you speak this afternoon. I cannot think of anyone I have gone to listen to that I have learned as much from as I did today. Your style is infectious and it truly made me rethink how I look at things. Thank you for doing what you do! ‪#‎RealTalk‬ CW Kennan Dealy IV
9/27/14 | 6:07
I attended the Fresno ROP Conference yesterday where you were the keynote speaker. I would just like to say thank you for coming to speak to us. You were the most amazing speaker that I have seen at this conference. I have not stopped thinking about the things you said. Jim D. DePriest
9/20/14 | 11:09
Dr. Brown frames many things that no one else can put quite the way he can – and that propels audiences to do something different as a result. Thank you for transforming the way we "Do Business!" - Brian Burns, MBA Young Business Professionals
9/15/14 | 1:02
Thank you so much for the seed you planted into me and my boys today . We had already decided that we would celebrate me losing the legs and what could I say once you wrote on that cd that you were cheering for me thank you Dr.Brown also thank you Dana for making sure that we are not forgotten in our chairs . God bless your family -Quateshia green
8/30/14 | 11:39
Hello Dr. Brown, You may not remember me, but I was the girl from Potomac State College who waited after your presentation for your autograph. The girl with the red shirt, brown jacket, black purse, and, of course, a red notebook that had notes from your presentation. I wanted to say more that what I did, but I guess the whole concept of being in front of an amazing person got the better of me and I couldn't speak what I wanted to say. But, sometimes words are better to understand written down that to speak them. So now, I'd like to say, thank you. I am currently a college junior by standards, but a sophomore at Potomac State college. I was originally at Shepherd University, but lets just say I got over whelmed and things didn't go well. As I tell people, I jumped into the fire instead of going around it because I thought I was ready for it. But, now I wish I had been to one of your presentations when I was still a freshman. Even though I am a junior now, sometimes its good to have a reminder. Normally I have trouble remembering things from time to time, but I don't think the presentation you gave at the auditorium at Potomac State will leave my mind for a while. One of the parts of your speech that got me was when you talked to the baseball team saying that if you get something, you need to throw something back. That made me think of a saying that I live by now a-days. Its a simple phrase that I think has a lot of meaning, "Give Respect, Get Respect", because sometimes you need to give something in order to get something back. I also have a lot of sayings, but I think this is the one that stood out the most when I think back on the presentation. But, regardless, you were amazing and your presentation had much meaning. I may not be able to see you next year, but maybe I'll see you at another presentation for the school someday in the future. But that's why I asked for the autograph, because, just like life (and as you said with virginity), you only get one chance. And, while you did have shirts and other items available, I feel that written (and spoken) words have more value because there is a stronger connection. I apologize if I ramble, but I truly felt touched. I'll keep my notes, because there may be a time when I need to teach my own children, or members of my family these things when they really matter. I thank you for being the source of that information and that starting point. Bless you, Dr. Brown, for a reminder that may never be forgotten. Hope to hear from you again soon. Sincerely and with gratitude, Rebecca Herrick
8/30/14 | 10:59
I just wanted to say thanks for coming to potomac state. What you said and did was great. Trey Henderson
8/30/14 | 10:58