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I just wanted to say that I

I just wanted to say that I was TRULY inspired by your message. Often times in education, we don't acknowledge the exhaustion and defeated attitude of some educators. Your presentation to our staff energized everyone, even with the negative attitudes Everyone left the Expo Center Ready for work. The tree is in the seed...yes indeed. Thanks for coming to speak to our staff... call me inspired, and an adolf brown groupie! Takiesha Watson

I just want to say THANK YOU

I just want to say THANK YOU for the great inspiration you gave me and my staff at our recent training. It's always nice to find people who believe in the same philosophies as you. I truly felt like you had sat down with me and asked "Jenna, what do you need me to help you get across to your staff?" You nailed it! I've been with Beyond the Bell for going on 4 years and it has been quite a ride trying to revamp the program, and I can honestly say I finally had some validation after you spoke with our staff. They are still talking about it a week later! Trust me- this is huge! :) Thanks again for all you did for us and people around the world. You are amazing!!! Jenna Meyer

Dr. Brown, Thank you for the

Dr. Brown, Thank you for the interesting, funny, thoughtful and thought provoking presentation you gave McKinney ISD. I'm still thinking about it and how to stay in the balcony. Thank you!

Sir, I was in KISD today.

Sir, I was in KISD today. You were out of this world. I laughed, I had goose bumps, I even teared up. I loved every last second of it.........Thanks for being the messenger for so many that needed it........ Robert Burns AP- Eastern Hills Middle School Killeen Texas

Kaufman ISD loves Dr Brown.

Kaufman ISD loves Dr Brown. You are all still who everyone is talking about. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy your presentation. I am thinking we need you to run for President!!! Thank you so much for coming to Kaufman Texas!!!!

Mr. Brown, I want to extend a

Mr. Brown, I want to extend a heartfelt thank uou thank you thank you!!! You touched Kaufman ISD right in the CORE yesterday, you are the talk of our town ~ now we have to take action and walk the walk. Time to put people in our wheelbarrows, help people to get on the balcony and for sure throw those shoes way in the middle of the beds at home, because there's where it all starts, right? LOVE ♡ & PEACE to you & your family! I seriously cannot get you & your lovely wife's bright contagious smiles out of my mind.

Thanks for a great day at the

Thanks for a great day at the McKinney ISD convocation today!! I was ready for a great year, but your words of wisdom solidified what I knew in my heart! Thank you again...from the balcony!

Inspiring today. Want you to

Inspiring today. Want you to know Paul was around you today ;)

Dr. Brown, Thank you so

Dr. Brown, Thank you so much for your amazing words of inspiration today at the EEE conference! That was by far the best keynote speech I've ever heard, and it truly was inspiring. You truly reminded me of the true blessing it is to be a teacher, and how much we can influence our students. Thank you for keeping it real with us and sharing your story. I look forward to finding all of my little "trees" inside their seeds this year, and staying in the balcony! Thank you so much!-Monica Sobers

Dr. Brown was amazing today

Dr. Brown was amazing today as the keynote speaker at the Clark County NV new teachers meeting. What an uplifting and motivating speaker; what a great way to start the school year! Frank Grealish.

Good Morning Dr.A Brown, I

Good Morning Dr.A Brown, I just want you to know that you are a God sent Man

This being my first year

This being my first year teaching, Dr. Brown's speech at Taylor County High School in Butler, Ga., confirmed to me that I made the right decision on becoming an educator. - Robert Hill

I was blessed to be in

I was blessed to be in attendance of Dr. Brown's keynote speech in Austin, Tx. He is amazing and very humbling and keeps it real. He makes you think and re-examine your thinking! I can't stop sharing his words. I have a lot of favorite quotes from his speech but the one I have been teaching my kids since then was to do as his grandfather told him and "Throw a shoe under your bed at night so that every morning you start the day on your knees" Amazing man!thank you

To my delight, Dr. Brown was

To my delight, Dr. Brown was unbelievably engaging, relevant and informative. Thank you for an annual boring event not only bearable but also enjoyable. Keep up the great work. -Joanne Frazier

Dr. Adolph Brown TELLS IT

Dr. Adolph Brown TELLS IT LIKE IT IS! Thank you! -April Kirkpatrick

Doc Brown has contagious

Doc Brown has contagious enthusiasm. He's the best bridge-builder our nation has. Kudos Sir! Gail Rivers

Dr. Adolph confirmed for me

Dr. Adolph confirmed for me that being a minority and being masculine does not exclude being articulate or intelligent. Arthur Simpson

Dr. Adolph is a speaker you

Dr. Adolph is a speaker you REALLY should know!!!!!! No words!!!! -Barbara Baer

He is the most motivational

He is the most motivational speaker coming from his own past experience bringing in humor real life teal talk. Brought lots of tears to me of pride and accomplishment for what he has done and become and how we were a part of it. I have been in HeadStart for 15 + years and never have been as motivated ever by anyone else!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!

Dr Adolph Brown is a speaker

Dr Adolph Brown is a speaker you should know. Incredibly remarkable! -Adrian Mills

I needed to LAUGH OUT LOUD

I needed to LAUGH OUT LOUD today. Thank you for your astonishingly funny and daring presentation. I laughed and learned more from you than I have throughout all of my career. I am a fan! Allison Neumaler

Dr. Brown is the most

Dr. Brown is the most consistently entertaining keynote speaker I've ever heard. He challenges "ism's" in our society in a direct but respectful way. Everyone I spoke to afterwards agrees that he is singularly the most outrageously entertaining and educating they have ever seen as well. Carol Travers

Doc Brown is the most

Doc Brown is the most articulate, intriguing, provoking, hilarious, and exhilarating presenter I've ever seen in my 40+ years of attending PDs. Todd Graham

Just wanted to let Dr. Brown

Just wanted to let Dr. Brown know how much I appreciated his assembly with our students here at Franklin-Simpson High School. His message was so sincere, and I felt that our students really listened and believed that he cared about them. His entire message was SO appropriate for our kids. I hope they remember every word of advice and encouragement to get them through touch choices they will have to make! Organization Name: Franklin-SImpson High School, Sandy Mefford

One heck of a nice guy!

One heck of a nice guy! Thanks for all you do to inspire so many. -John Hamlin, Texas

Your rousing speeches bring

Your rousing speeches bring people together. Thank you for spreading, teaching, and modeling L-O-V-E! - Frank Aden

Adolph is really a "Sit-down"

Adolph is really a "Sit-down" comic with humor, positive energy, enthusiasm and an ability to relate. His passion comes through. Melissa Carmen

I go to his presentations

I go to his presentations every time he comes to my area and it never gets old. I love how he stays on top of what's going on in world news and research. It separates him from a lot of other presenters. -Ralph Jackson

Extraordinary Leader!

Extraordinary Leader! Looking forward to your upcoming tour. Brian Rouse

Adolph is combination

Adolph is combination professor, inspirational speaker, stand-up comic, karaoke hostess, preacher, & scholar. And he is never less than captivating, whether dispensing knowledge or making wise cracks. MariAnn Kraus

No One Does IT Better! REAL

No One Does IT Better! REAL TALK! Katie Blizzard

A very informative, measured

A very informative, measured & thoughtful presenter. Best I've seen or heard in 40 years, Kudos to a job well done. Joy Hodge

Funny and poignant

Funny and poignant presentation. During my book signing, I found Doc Brown to be one of the best and wittiest conversationalists I've ever encountered. Thanks for the peek behind the curtains of your family. I so enjoyed your entertaining monologue of the complex characters and the nuances of everyday life. Henry Hughes

Funny and poignant

Funny and poignant presentation. During my book signing, I found Doc Brown to be one of the best and wittiest conversationalists I've ever encountered. Thanks for the peek behind the curtains of your family. I so enjoyed your entraining monologue of the complex characters and the nuances of everyday life. Henry Hughes

Thank you for the short,

Thank you for the short, sweet and savy talk. Your unconventional style was captivating and certainly put us ahead if the pack. Fay Dalton

Doc stands out above your run

Doc stands out above your run of the mill speakers. Best I've heard in 30 years in corporate America. REAL TALK! I will keep displaying Championship Habits. Your grandad, mom, and aunt were great role models. Alfred Cox

OMG! You will be blown away!

OMG! You will be blown away! Jessica Hines

I have nominated Dr. Brown to

I have nominated Dr. Brown to speak at TED. http://www.ted.com/ As an educator, this seems like the biggest national platform and educators all over the US watch videos of speakers. I have seen Dr. Brown speak in Norfolk, VA (either in 2009, or 2010). I am now an instructor at a college in the US Territory of the Northern Marianas Islands. I use videos of Dr. Brown's presentations to my students who will become future teachers. I deeply believe in building relationships between educators and students. My actual address is in Saipan, MP 96950 but you do not have that on your list, so I put down the address of my family in WV. -Cherrie Lovejoy

Whatever you said at the

Whatever you said at the school assembly really worked for my son. He has turned over a new leaf. I thought I would email you right after the event, but I wanted to give it a while to see if it stuck. It has been 2 months and Brian still does the things you instructed. I went on-line and saw some of your videos and I see why you connect so well. You are truly blessed with gifts to positively help others change for the better. I told his school principal, counselor, and his therapist about your impact. Ironically, the therapist has been in your professional trainings. You do a bunch!!!! Keep up the Godly work! Margie Copeland, Ga

Hey, My name is Daunte

Hey, My name is Daunte Everett, I am a college basketball player, who is currently 18 years old and I graduated at 16. I just wanted to say, first and foremost, thank you for giving me the push because I almost and contemplated quitting, because I got cut from my last two junior college teams of being a walk-on . I had to take responsibility and got better with my personal, performance. Because of you, I transformed myself and about to be on scholarship at a D1 school when I graduate from junior college this summer. So thank you for helping me to better myself and improving, inspired me to right a book only not about my life, what I been through but about what to takes not only to get success, but keep it when you get it. The motivation, dedication and inspiration, I appreciate it and want to make myself a reflection of what and who you all are and represent. I've looked to yall as mentors and was wondering, if you could possibly want to check out, read the book when it'll be published in November, the editing will be done in a few weeks and was wondering, if I could send you a copy please. it would mean alot - Daunte Everett

I really enjoyed your recent

I really enjoyed your recent "Real Talks." I wish EVERYONE would listenlto your message! I think if ALL those in leadership positions would look around and see all of the balcony people around them, and see how those people have made it to AND remained in the balcony, then they would stop trying to drag us down to the basement. ‪#‎real talk‬ - Katherine Leigh Carter

Thank you for an awesome

Thank you for an awesome message today. I am so glad my 16 year old daughter and her two teenage male friends joined us at church today. ‪#‎applesattheverytopofthetree‬. God bless. - Shannon K Sparks

Thank You for coming to

Thank You for coming to Potomac State this afternoon. As a young single mom deciding to leave my son and return to college was hard. With the help from my family I am able to do so with piece of mind. But, yet and still I get discouraged. Thank you for letting me know that its worth it and assuring me that it will get hard but it can be done. I pray God continues to bless you and your family. Thank You -Na'Tausha Elizabeth

As trustee I will push for

As trustee I will push for educators to become master teachers. This will ensure a greater possibility for student success and teacher effectiveness. -Albert Evans

Truly enjoyed listening to

Truly enjoyed listening to you speak this afternoon. I cannot think of anyone I have gone to listen to that I have learned as much from as I did today. Your style is infectious and it truly made me rethink how I look at things. Thank you for doing what you do! ‪#‎RealTalk‬ CW Kennan Dealy IV

I attended the Fresno ROP

I attended the Fresno ROP Conference yesterday where you were the keynote speaker. I would just like to say thank you for coming to speak to us. You were the most amazing speaker that I have seen at this conference. I have not stopped thinking about the things you said. Jim D. DePriest

Dr. Brown frames many things

Dr. Brown frames many things that no one else can put quite the way he can – and that propels audiences to do something different as a result. Thank you for transforming the way we "Do Business!" - Brian Burns, MBA Young Business Professionals

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the seed you planted into me and my boys today . We had already decided that we would celebrate me losing the legs and what could I say once you wrote on that cd that you were cheering for me thank you Dr.Brown also thank you Dana for making sure that we are not forgotten in our chairs . God bless your family -Quateshia green

Hello Dr. Brown, You may not

Hello Dr. Brown, You may not remember me, but I was the girl from Potomac State College who waited after your presentation for your autograph. The girl with the red shirt, brown jacket, black purse, and, of course, a red notebook that had notes from your presentation. I wanted to say more that what I did, but I guess the whole concept of being in front of an amazing person got the better of me and I couldn't speak what I wanted to say. But, sometimes words are better to understand written down that to speak them. So now, I'd like to say, thank you. I am currently a college junior by standards, but a sophomore at Potomac State college. I was originally at Shepherd University, but lets just say I got over whelmed and things didn't go well. As I tell people, I jumped into the fire instead of going around it because I thought I was ready for it. But, now I wish I had been to one of your presentations when I was still a freshman. Even though I am a junior now, sometimes its good to have a reminder. Normally I have trouble remembering things from time to time, but I don't think the presentation you gave at the auditorium at Potomac State will leave my mind for a while. One of the parts of your speech that got me was when you talked to the baseball team saying that if you get something, you need to throw something back. That made me think of a saying that I live by now a-days. Its a simple phrase that I think has a lot of meaning, "Give Respect, Get Respect", because sometimes you need to give something in order to get something back. I also have a lot of sayings, but I think this is the one that stood out the most when I think back on the presentation. But, regardless, you were amazing and your presentation had much meaning. I may not be able to see you next year, but maybe I'll see you at another presentation for the school someday in the future. But that's why I asked for the autograph, because, just like life (and as you said with virginity), you only get one chance. And, while you did have shirts and other items available, I feel that written (and spoken) words have more value because there is a stronger connection. I apologize if I ramble, but I truly felt touched. I'll keep my notes, because there may be a time when I need to teach my own children, or members of my family these things when they really matter. I thank you for being the source of that information and that starting point. Bless you, Dr. Brown, for a reminder that may never be forgotten. Hope to hear from you again soon. Sincerely and with gratitude, Rebecca Herrick

I just wanted to say thanks

I just wanted to say thanks for coming to potomac state. What you said and did was great. Trey Henderson

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Fun! With a strong dose of information and inspiration! Clem Jones
1/19/16 | 9:47
More than just a speech. It was a transformative experience. We knew it was successful when practically our entire sales team says it was the best decision they made. Edwin Thames
1/14/16 | 12:35
loved his delivery: he was funny, witty, very sure of himself, but most of all it was his charisma and energy that hooked me from the get go. I just loved the way I felt when I was listening to Dr. Brown talk. I found that as his energy and excitement increased, so did mine. After the keynote I decided to follow his techniques and found that they really work. I was hooked. -Arthur Vann
1/14/16 | 12:34
In August 2009, Doc Brown came to our teachers' kick off meeting for the school year. Before the afternoon session started, I saw him as he mingled around in his thug attire. I watched him get shut out of almost every attempt to connect with the teachers and administrators who were sharing their summertime stories. It was sad. That is, until he came by me. I stopped him, asked his name, if he was early for school, and to see if he needed anything. I took interest in him because he looked like many of the students I had in my class. He asked what I was doing, and I explained I was working on my classroom procedures for a smooth operating classroom, so students would know what to expect, and the teacher could focus on them and their learning, and not the rules. He said he thought that was a great idea, and then he had to go. You can imagine my surprise when they introduced Dr. Adolph Brown and he came running, I mean RUNNING, down the aisle through the auditorium, and leaped onto stage. Right then and there he openly acknowledged me, in front of all of my 400 peers. Not only was it a reinforcement for me, but a REAL eye-opener for the other staff who had shut him out earlier. I think it really made an impact on the way our teachers connected with students, and how teachers need to really take an interest in them. Doc really drove home his 10 points, one of which is, "Significant learning will not take place without a significant relationship." I know it reinforced what I do, and helped the others realize they needed to catch up to just where students really are today, by taking an interest in them. The lesson, and messages we got that day still live on, and I am forever grateful that I personally got to meet Doc Brown. I'll never forget it. Thanks x 1,000,000,000 Jeffrey Holt
1/14/16 | 12:21
I was present at the Head Start Region VII conference where you were a keynote speaker. What you had to say and the way you presented it was amazing. You gave many a feeling that what they do does matter and does affect many in some kind of positive way. I always tell my staff that if you effect one child you have made a difference and for those teachers you had at Head Start are proof of that. I hope you continue to do what you do and givng back as you do!! JoAnn Henry
1/14/16 | 12:20
I watched "Are You Basement or Balcony?" before I even ate breakfast, it was so compelling. Listening to "Against All Odds" is nothing less than brilliant. Following Dr. Brown and seeing a 'street kid' grow into a Sage has been an inspiring experience. All of his lectures get my thoughts going, and I end up yearning for more. This is the right way to learn about character...a fascinating and very thorough conversation. "Are You Basement or Balcony" is a very highly recommended purchase. -- Mary C. Senge, Los Altos, CA
1/14/16 | 12:20
A serious force in American education. The lecture significantly exceeded my expectations. A marvelous speaker. Adolph Brown is an excellent scholar -- ethusiastic, fair in judgment, and he always provides the right anecdote. He is inspiring! -- Bryan Kruschwitz, Beaverton, OR
1/14/16 | 12:19
Passionate! Erudite! "Change the Dance" is pure inspirational stimulation that can be popped in the video player anytime. Adolph has provided insights into Leadership that I have not found anywhere else. Both his expertise and his passion for the Leadership and Excellence are off the charts! -- Gary Webster , Solana Beach, CA
1/14/16 | 12:19
One of the world's best kept secrets!I want to say that the seminar that was held in Panama City was the most outstanding and informitative lecture I have ever attended. I am employed as a school bus driver and the children that I transport have not stopped talking about this. I myself laughed and learned from this lecture. I would recomend it to everyone. Thank you for your time and concern for todays youth. Keep up the GREAT work. Jim Chambers
1/14/16 | 12:11
Thank you for not being on a tirade dropping one-liners, but actually hitting the nail on the head with our corporation. I loved the "Real Talk" no beating around the bush. Thank you for being the one consultant to positively impact us on a professional and personal level. Zina Hathaway
1/14/16 | 12:06
Thank you for coming to my middle school. You make me feel less alone. Sally Henderson
1/14/16 | 11:59
I laughed until my stomach hurt then I cried tears of joy! What a ride! he speaks directly to teachers and administrators with authority, interest, and appreciation. Audiences love him, and he is not cheap, BUT WORTH IT. Supt. Nichols
1/14/16 | 11:59
Gets everyone excited about learning. love Doc Brown, find him intelligent, witty, brilliantly funny, and genuine. he consistently delivers. I value information I can use. Thank you. Clarke Richards
1/14/16 | 11:54
You don't want it to end! World completely rocked for the better. Doc's presentations are about laughing, crying and being thoughtful. Carol Hightower
1/14/16 | 11:53
Dr. Brown is a very dynamic, highly informative speaker. He engages his audience and presents information that is highly relevant and can be immediately implemented. His positive approach and real-life practicality appeal broadly to attendees. Doc's presence on the faculty of any conference will ensure its success. - Jean Simmons, Provost
1/14/16 | 11:46
Brilliant because he is a lunatic. A speaker who works as hard as you do. Deeply rewarding. His love radiates. Gayle Stephens
1/14/16 | 11:45
Honorable guy and lives by principles.I was impressed with the depth and dimension of his lecture - Doc Brown's openness, speaking about vulnerabilities, speaking about his upbringing strained and estranged relationships, and being so grateful. Brilliant lecture. It was an amazing reminder to the rest of us of "what it is all about." I was moved to learn more about Dr. Adolph Brown and remember what is important in life. I am motivated to see Dr. Brown again. He has some good lessons to share with us all. Sean Thorpe
1/14/16 | 11:43
I know many sides of Adolph.."The then" & "the now!" He has streetwise sensibility and academic sophistication. He is consistent in character on- and offstage. He is a titan of a presenter, but also a gentleman and scholar. John
1/14/16 | 11:36
He's one of the most articulate presenters and fierce advocate for children, particularly those caught in achievement gaps. On a personal note, I find him to a conscientious professional who lives his job. Frank Thirdgill
1/14/16 | 11:33
Loved that he was playful, humorous and honest. A very compelling advocate for excellence speaker. Karl Knight
1/14/16 | 11:31
If you can make it past the first minutes without being moved, you did better than most. Betty Price
1/14/16 | 11:29
Not any speaker you have seen or heard before! Betty Price
1/14/16 | 11:28
I've seen Dr. Brown 4x and he never disappoints. He creates a very different memorable experience each time. It's rare that any one presenter has such a universal, immediate, and profound impact on his audience. Following my conversations with "Doc," I often find him to be a most grounded high-flier. Kara Richie
12/21/15 | 6:24
You won't want to leave. You laugh until you hurt. I'm happier and smarter. Kay Lewiston
12/13/15 | 11:20
He was beyond provoking. He pushed us all to self-reflection and introspection. #Fans4Life Harold Carsen
12/13/15 | 11:18
I thought of Adolph and his adulthood success with all the talk around the childhood past of Dr. Ben Carson. I grew up with Adolph and he is shares quite a bit of his young life, but he does it with a smile. I was there and know about the very smart and slow-tempered young man, but once he got there - there was no return. And yes, gangs and aggression were integral parts of his young life, but we all knew he was "better." It was almost like he was in the midst of trouble to calm it. I'm not surprised at the way life has turned out for him and his sister who is also a well-respected city attorney, once an "at-risk" youth like her older brother. Adolph has a lot to share with young people and adults alike as he has 'been there," but has refused to "stay there." Keep up the great work my childhood friend. -Mike Conley
11/21/15 | 5:49
Dr. Brown spoke in our school district last week and the staff is still buzzing about his presentation. The students are talking, the teachers are talking, the janitors, bus drivers and the clerical staff are all still talking about the presentation. It was powerful, humorous, inspiring and thought-provoking. I had so many employees THANKING ME for bringing Dr. Brown to our district! I heard comments such as: "He is the best speaker I have ever heard in 25 years in education." " I thought, oh no not another keynote speaker. I brought papers to grade. I never picked up a pen! I was totally engaged the entire time." " I thought no one can keep my attention for 2 hours on a Monday morning. Wow, was I wrong!" I choose to be a balcony person as a result of Dr. Brown's message. What a wonderful man, spreading a positive message that is helping thousands of others become the best that they can be! Please be encouraged to keep up the good work that you are doing because you are indeed affecting eternity in a most positive way! Sincerely, Joyce Edwards, West Feliciana School District, St. Francisville
10/22/15 | 3:08
My name is billy Billy Baggett I am a retired correctional officer from la. State penitentiary . (Angola prison ) On Tuesday October 12 2015 Dr Brown spoke at west feliciana school system where I'm now employed as a bus driver . Listening to this man was an mind changing event for me . Due to my previous employment I'm not easily moved by someone I don't know , m Mr Browns lecture was so powerful I went back on Oct 13 to purchase some of his books for my daughter , who is in college to be a school teacher Mr Brown just happened to be there in the lobby and greeted me with a hand shake . I spent the nex 30 minutes talking with him and his wife , these people are great and he offered to sign the books I bought for my daughter and wrote inspiring messages to my daughter . I'll say it again these are great people , I feel lucky and privileged to see this team in action and hear him speak .if you ever have the opportunity to hear this man speak - TAKE IT Thank you Billy Baggett
10/13/15 | 12:41
Too good to be ignored! Anthony Craft
10/02/15 | 6:44
Dr. Brown is so mindful. I spent time with him prior to his consultation with my team and found him to be quite insightful, humorous and down to earth. Mary Sawyer
10/02/15 | 3:26