Dr. Adolph Brown has a gift to reach people and can successfully incorporate and convey the goals and objectives of any organization or conference in his keynote address.

Keynote-originally meant the fundamental point of a speech, today refers to the main speech or featured spots at a meeting, to the entire convention in the main room.

(Most Presentations have Parts II & III involving more In-depth Coverage and Exploration of Topics)

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Hospitality Training

The Customer Happiness Experience - Hospitality At Its Best!

As cliché as it may sound, “Customer Service" is really not a department, it’s an Experience.” Your team will be delighted and inspired as they experience Positive Attitude Development, a sustainable boost in employee morale, learn how energy is spread, and dance through any storm.  Your team will understand the value of making “Championship Habits” of hospitality a value and a habit whereby great service is never the exception or a fluke at your place of business.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Teams will learn to get beyond offering a pretty good level of customer service some of the time, to offering a reliably high level of customer happiness almost all of the time.

2.  Teams will learn how to make the competition irrelevant to your customers by going above and beyond for even the customers with funky attitudes, who don’t treat you like you’d prefer to be treated, and who interrupt you when you are attempting to get things done.

Corporations, Businesses, Workplace Teams, Law Enforcement, & The Helping Professions