The Leadership and Learning Institute

Thank you for your interest in attending the Leadership and Learning Institute.

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The Leadership and Learning Institute (LLI) is a highly acclaimed professional learning training academy for those working to develop personal and professional excellence in coaching, mentoring, classroom management, and public speaking. This fun, content-filled seminar lasts a day and a half and offers several training and coaching opportunities that lead to certification.

Our mission is to create positive learning environments where all students are empowered to see a potential future and encouraged to believe it can be obtained.


Leadership Training for Managers – Developing Championship Habits 

Championship Habits Book


Dr. Brown and colleagues have worked with countless corporations to offer formal manager training in response to the fact that many companies do not have integrated training models.  In fact, in most companies, people do well, they get promoted.  Often these champions are ill-equipped to sustain their levels of performance due to lack of skills needed win.  In short, this training provides the resources and training for your people in the skills they need to succeed.

Outcomes Include:

·  Personal skills development

·   Improved ability to look at oneself

·  Acquisition of Team-focused skills to effectively work with groups

·  Enhancement of Corporate-focused skills to make your company more successful

Teacher Effectiveness & Student Achievement Training

Real Talk book


For over thirty years, active duty educator Dr. Adolph Brown and colleagues have worked with hundreds of thousands of teachers around the world in a non-shaming relational manner to effectively and positively deal with student discipline. 

The primary focus of this training will be on the quality of the teacher-student relationship, the most important factor related to teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

Outcomes Include: 

·   A classroom with less stress

·   A classroom filled with respect and consideration

·   Fewer classroom disruptions and conflicts

·   Fewer discipline concerns

Classroom Management Certification Training

Children Learning

A classroom management certificate program that coaches participants on how to motivate students and establish effective teaching environments.

Professional Mentoring Certification Training

Excited Children

School and community professionals will learn to promote accountability and problem-solving among students.

These seminars often count toward continuing education requirements for teacher licensure renewal. Topics discussed may include general classroom management strategies or related matters, such as student behavior and motivation, educational psychology, and special education classroom management.

Superintendents, administrators, and education leaders that have been trained and coached by LLI personnel depart with fresh outlooks, paradigm shifts, new, effective approaches, and practical strategies to improve student achievement as well as school culture and climate.

One-And-A-Half Day Training*

$2,300 per educator 


Over the course of two days, we offer in-depth professional training, with opportunities for observation and strategy development. This is ideal for educators and administrators who want to make significant changes in their school culture.


October 12-13, 2018
March 6-7, 2018


Questions or Concerns? Please contact or call 757-499-7005. Additional dates not listed may be available for groups of 50 or more. To request a date, email


Corporate Training & Coaching


Companies and organizations have benefited from training at LLI. We can provide innovative strategies to address topics such as company culture, respect, customer service, high expectations, engagement and retention. This experience is an incredible team building activity, too. Companies that have hosted LLI corporate training include Burger King Corp., Nathan’s Famous, Real Estate Professionals, and more! 

Sample Agenda**


Educator Check-in




Classroom observations and workshops




Student & Parent Interviews


Wrap-Up and Q&A 


Certification Exam Review


 Tying Loose Ends

**Each educator training session is unique and is designed based on the needs of the participants; this agenda serves as a basic guideline for the structure of training.

*Refunds for teacher coaching experiences at The Leadership and Learning Institute will be granted up to 30 days prior to the training date.

We offer several training and coaching opportunities that lead to certification. 
Refunds for teacher coaching experiences at ABA will be granted up to 30 days prior to the training date.